18 + Premade Designs, kinky and Menage

All premade covers can be modified to suit. ie; if your hero has dark hair and bigger muscles, or you want more clothes on your couple,  just ask. Some modifications may cost additional.

Erotic Sale covers closer to bottom of this page 🙂 Some are $25.00 and now, some are $15.00

Please keep in mind Amazon’s new policy on nudity and bondage when selecting a cover. If you need someone’s clothes put on, we can do that.


Menage (various pricing) categorized by type of group






M/M/F or F/M/M 



coming soon





$40.00 covers



diamonds-and-ridingcrops-ffd-40 silk-and-handcuffs-ffd-40







Versatile $30

Covers below are on Sale! $25.00

  showermenage-ffd-25FFD-Attack-of-the-Tentacles-25 FFD-WhipCream-25 FFD-Spankingstories-25  FFD-Fetish-25  Bad-Boys Bonds-erotic-ffd-25 Action-and-Drama


These covers below are $20.00


These covers below are $15.00


Lipstick-ffd-15 Feathers-ffd-15   Shejustlovesbannanas Sexappeal ER-EVE


4 thoughts on “18 + Premade Designs, kinky and Menage

  1. Hi so I am back for another of your great covers. The one named erotic, naked woman laying down on her front with red flowers covering her butt cheeks. On the 18 pre made covers. The title is SEX, POWER AND INTIMACY, author is Shiralyn J Lee Nice doing work with you again.

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