18 + Premade Designs

Erotic Sale covers closer to bottom of this page 🙂 Some are $25.00 and now, some are $15.00

Please keep in mind Amazon’s new policy on nudity and bondage when selecting a cover. If you need someone’s clothes put on, we can do that.

$40.00 covers

1nw-series-liam-ffd-40 1nw-series-sam-ffd-40 1nw-series-toby-ffd-40


diamonds-and-ridingcrops-ffd-40 silk-and-handcuffs-ffd-40

sexycity4 Naughtyhospital Sultry-VAlentineER-Sexy-Couple Leserotic 

Covers below are on Sale! $25.00

showermenage-ffd-25FFD-Attack-of-the-Tentacles-25 FFD-WhipCream-25 FFD-Spankingstories-25  FFD-Fetish-25  Bad-Boys Bonds-erotic-ffd-25 Action-and-Drama


These covers below are $15.00


Lipstick-ffd-15 Feathers-ffd-15   ShejustlovesbannanasSexappeal ER-EVE Bare-back-pink-w-letters

© Deklofenak | Dreamstime Stock Photos &Stock Free Images



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