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Valentine Menage By: C. J. Starr | Other books by C. J. Starr
Published By: New Line Press
ISBN # valentine_menage
Word Count: 6270
Heat Index  

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Mobipocket, Epub

About the book

Kiki and Kortney from Hot Desking are back for more delicious sexual adventures. The erotic duo spends Valentine’s Day in the office as a sea of flowers and chocolates are being delivered to everyone but them! When everyone leaves for the day, they enjoy each other sexually as only girlfriends can, then they decide that sometimes a woman needs a man, so they attend a pro basketball game to find a ball playing hunk. The sparkling girlfriend duo soon turns into a f/f/m menage of sexual delight. Valentine Menage by CJ Starr is a Quickie Read of sexual pleasure.

25 pages/6270 words. f/f/m


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