Trading cards. For most people this isn’t ground breaking news, but for some, this might be the key to advertising your book and for boosting reader interest.

FFD will be posting a few samples and examples of trading cards in the coming weeks.

First: What are Trading cards?

Cards about the size of a deck of playing cards that provide stunning artwork, a quick reference to the character of a book/series, and a bit about the publisher/author of said book.

Second: Why?

Why get trading cards? From what I’ve gathered, readers, other authors, etc… like collecting them, similar to stamps and coins. Some have been made into games like “Magic-The Gathering”.  Because it’s a “thing” we do.

Where can I find out more about the culture/activity/production of trading cards?

Well! There is plenty of info now, click here for a website dedicated to the subject from Romance Trading  And to know how to create a trading card game, click here.

And now… off to the image laboratory to concoct trading card imagergy!


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