FFD is at RAHS

RAHS? Romance Author Hot Spot.

Fantasia Frog Designs is the featured guest for Saturday and Sunday, that’s today and tomorrow. It’s brief, it’s fast, but there are incentives to stopping by. FFD is selling premade cover art stock for $30.00 for the rest of June (2011), and RAHS is offering a $20.00 gift card to an FFD design to one commentor.


So, visit the Romance Author Hotspot to leave a comment, or browse here through the premade cover art if you’re in the market.


A Questionable Hero and Alternative-Reads

A Questionable Hero cover and it made it into the June Book Cover Award Competition at Alternative-Reads (10 are chosen a month). The link to the intro post is http://tjbook-list.blogspot.com/2011/06/june-2011-book-cover-award-entry-6-book.html

There are some very beautiful covers up for votes, wow.

If you like A Questionable hero, please cast a vote on Alternative-read.

Here’s the youtube video to see all of the nominees.

Computer went “Bloop?”

Yeah, okay, it didn’t actually make that sound effect, but that would have redeemed the experience of one’s computer being rendered useless a little. I knew the old computer I did my photoshop cover designs on would eventually die, but I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to happen this way. Windows was mysteriously deleted or “absent” from our hard drive. What does that mean exactly (in case it happens to you?) It means you need to know where your windows program packaging is, something I lost track of years ago, sigh. So, a long story short, I had three days to buy a new computer, install photoshop, and transfers a plethora of files. I am also adjusting from the familiar, (HP to a Mac) I’m liking the mac laptop, but there are somethings that are so simplified that I don’t ‘get it’ right off the start, which slows me down. Such as installing fonts, zipping files, and installing gradients, brushes and styles. It’s easier, and euphoric when you finally stumble across how to do it. (yes, I know there’s a manual, I just don’t often read them)

I’m still sorting, and still working on projects at the same time.



New Book through New Line Press

Book link


Train to Ecstasy by Anne Adair

Anne Adair takes vampire erotica to a whole new level in this steaming hot short story. A sexual explosion between a recently turned, Elizabeth and the object of her desire come together on a train bound for vampire heaven. Erotica Author Anne Adair’s words jump off the pages and will truly leave you breathless in this erotica quickie read.

Sneak peek:

“My desire right now is raw and purely primal. My fangs are bared and before I realize it, I’ve nicked him, eliciting an undeniable hiss from him as I draw blood. I almost pull away, fearful of his reaction, but the heady taste of fresh blood hits my senses and I suck harder.

He gives an animalistic growl as he regains his balance. Then, as I feel his balls tighten and his seed jet into the back of my throat, he roars, clearly not caring if anyone else in the train hears us or not.”


Coming June 10th.