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Free E Read – Clarrissa Lee Moon – Nightwolves

FREE on April 28 and 29th in E-book only at!!! Get your Kindle!!!

Nightwolves Coalition, the first novel of The Nightwolves series.

Grab your popcorn and soda because this paranormal urban fantasy will take you on one wild ride.

Catrina, a demi-goddess turned vampire, has only wanted one thing out of life- someone to love her. Her wish is finally granted, but at a high price, and finds herself destined to be the heroine picked by The Gods to save a world she really doesn’t like very much. A tale filled with high-octane action and fraught with peril from The Greater Magickal Races coming back to Earth as the Mayan Prophesy of 2012 draws near, Catrina and The Nightwolves must race against time, and across other worlds, to find a way to keep Earth safe from the more aggressive Magickal Beings, make peace treaties with those of them who want to live in harmony with the humans, and save as many people as natural disasters hitting Earth one right after the other.

Have a howling good paranormal time reading this series:) 
Clarrissa Moon author of The Nightwolves Series and Celeste’s Nites Novelette’s at


Latest Premades: Historicals

Threre were lots of votes so far for premade Historical covers, so here are a few and there are more coming.

I’m also going to do up some erotic premade and erotic sale covers which can be found on the 18+ erotic premade page.


These two (and more to follow are an attempt/example for a potential series)

New Size: updates and changes

So, kindle is changing some things,

a) the current KDP newsletter states:

‘We can now accommodate larger, higher-quality cover images for Kindle
titles! Accordingly we have updated our guidelines for creating a
catalog/cover image. Our new guidelines for cover images require that an
image be at least 1,000 pixels on the longest side, though we recommend
2,500 pixels on the longest side to ensure better quality, and an ideal
height/width ratio of 1.6.’




That said, FFD now includes a high res cover that is 2500 on the “long” side in with the rest of the FFD sises we send. Hope it makes life easier. 🙂



Latest Premades



Plus New Erotic Premade covers in the 18+ section

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