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Scorching Paranormal/Romantic Fiction by Mina J. Moore. 

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Just a taste can lead to …..Deadly Temptations

Nervous, Denise ran a hand through her hair as she got up. Suddenly her business cut skirt seemed too short and her jacket, not long enough.

The way he looked at her wasn’t right. She watched the calculation in his bright blue eyes as he stood no more than an inch away. She was so shocked at his gall, moving wasn’t in her radar just yet. She was too busy checking out his dark hair and his cologne; downright delicious. Had he always been this attractive? Probably, but their working relationship had kept her at arm’s length.

Denise went to take a step back but didn’t quite make it.

Mader wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck.

“I really don’t give a sh** about Gina.” Then his full lips closed over hers.



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Title: The Amber Cross
Author: MeiLin Miranda
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Glamorous siblings Henry and Mary Crawford have captivated the Bertrams of Mansfield Park. Sisters Maria and Julia compete for Henry’s attention. Their brother Edmund falls hard for Mary.

The one exception is the Bertrams’ shy cousin, Fanny Price. Penniless, plain and raised to believe she has little worth, Fanny has long accepted that Edmund will never love her as she loves him. He will marry another–just let it not be a girl like Mary Crawford!

But when Fanny’s seafaring brother gives her an ancient amber cross, the talisman reveals to her what kind of girl Mary Crawford really is. She and her brother are succubi, out to seduce the Bertrams and consume their life force–and Henry Crawford has decided Fanny is the most delicious of them all. Timid Fanny must find the strength to resist Henry’s seductive powers if she is to save her own life and that of her beloved Edmund.

A paranormal erotica mashup of Jane Austen’s “Mansfield Park,” “The Amber Cross” originally appeared in the Circlet Press anthology “Sense and Sensuality.”