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A light-hearted playful contemporary romance of 55,000 words

Even though English was not Dr. Celinia DeForlani’s first language, she spoke it like a native. So why, when she encountered gorgeous dark haired green-eyed rugby player Bradlan Myers did she have such a hard time getting his name right?

It was her final day working at the small London dental clinic before returning home to her life as Princess Royal of Isola DeMarina, and the very last thing she expected was to find her remaining hours filled with the captain of the Norfolk Reds rugby team when he came through her door missing his two front teeth.

Celinia, who’d always had a mischievous and somewhat quirky sense of humor, struggles to cover her laughter as the big handsome somewhat cranky sportsman attempts to speak to her and can barely spit out a word coherently. The two communicate by written notes until she begins working on his teeth. He is due to play the saxophone at his sister’s wedding in only a few hours, and not only must he have his teeth fixed in time, he cannot have any anesthetic. Celinia speaks softly and reassuringly to him, as she works, though she continually mistakenly calls him Bradley.

Dental assistant Gloria Lewis is not only quick to correct her, but stunned that Celinia has no idea who Bradlan is. The man is world famous, as much for his looks as his rugby skills. He has graced the covers of more magazines than anyone can count. But Celinia has been far too busy working and studying the past few years to pay attention to such things.

The following morning when Celinia stops by the clinic on her way to the airport to say goodbye to the kind dentist who has been her boss for the past year, she discovers that Bradlan has sent her flowers. Though she cannot take them on the plane, she does take the card. And is amused to discover he has signed himself ‘Bradley’.

When Celinia arrives home, she relates the tale of Bradlan’s sudden last minute arrival in her office to her parents. Her sports loving father King Ricardo instantly recognizes the name, and the twinkle in his daughter’s eye as she speaks of the handsome athlete and sets about issuing an invitation for the Norfolk Reds to come to the island to play against his own team the King’s Warriors

A mischievous matchmaking king, a beautiful princess, a superstar rugby player, a naughty Siamese cat and three jealous courtiers make up the novel Princess.


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