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A fellow author , (who also did her cover), has put out a self published guide on how to Self Publish, and I thought I’d do a post on it to share.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.


The Business of Self Publication by Jasmine Hildagrath

$4.99 Kindle Edition  -Dec 17, 2012


Book Description

Have you thought about entering the world of self-publishing? Have you even gone so far as to talk to others about it or get a few books on the subject? Only to come away more confused and disillusioned than ever. So have I. But then I decided to do further research and write a book about my experiences to help others that may have been down that road too.

This is a book that takes a step by step look for the novice on the business that is self-publishing. Because it is a business and like any other it has pit falls. This book using plain language for a reader instead of a computer techno wizard helps you avoid those pit falls and guides you from the first time you put pen to paper or finger to key board, through uploading the work for publication and even afterward to tips for promoting the work. All in a manner designed to aid the writer not confound them.






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