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Latest Premades

Spooky-Mansion Vintage-boat

Some headers too.




Also, from Spittyfish Designs, our mainstream and young adult site:

contemporary-countryside SFD-Contemporary-R Reaching-Above


Away-for a birthday

FFD will be celebrating a birthday (not ours) my sister-in-law’s. But, I will be travelling and family-eventing-it-up for a few days. I will probably be able to keep designing, photographing, etc… but, there will be more of a lag between email replies and tweaks for a few days (starting April 27 until may 2nd).

Knowing me, I will still hide out somewhere dark with internet and nothing much will change 😉


Sky Tinted Water cover entered in contest

Keta Diablo informs me that her book Sky Tinted water, an FFD cover, is in the semi finals here: Creme dé la Covercontest at InD’Tale!


If you like the cover, please, feel free to vote. So far it is in second place

This is the cover entered in the contest


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