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Take the exciting journey, that Sara embarks upon, after a surprise visit to the storybook town of Bridgnorth, UK. She travels initially to research handed down mysterious stories that includes a secret wealthy ancestor from the Victorian Age. As Sara struggles with old ghosts from her family tree, you will become intrigued as the author allows readers to unveil some of those heartbreaking answers; as they visit the Victorian times. Follow Sara’s hopes and dreams as she falls in love with a man who engulfs her and presents her with a new life in the UK. Hold on to your seat as you are about to take a roller coaster ride along with Sara in the action packed twisted ending.

More bad news

For those that missed my announcement on facebook, my external hard drive crashed, taking with it, a lot of my psd files and images. I’m trying to get the data recovered, but it might take some time. If there is a premade cover, header, etc… on here that you are interested in, just contact me as per usual and I’ll see if I can put the images together.




And if any one has some lucky four leaf clover, can I borrow it?