Fantasia Frog Designs and the holiday season

This year my family has requested I “actually” take time off over the holiday season. How can I resist? Seeing as my husband and son will be done with their school and work on December 20th, the I better say that’s the day I will be taking a break too. So, starting December 20th, I won’t be available for new designs. Before December 20th, I expect I’ll be working like a mad woman trying to get everything done πŸ™‚ That said; Logically, I won’t be able to take on a new project the night before either.

While on holidays I plan to recollect my wits, drink some eggnog, and romp through the snow, but I also hope to take some time for professional development. Maybe I’ll come back with new tricks.

When will I be open for business again? Let’s say January 6th.






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