Zoe Wood thinks she has it all. A promising job as a graphic artist, no-strings attached fun, and blog readers who live vicariously when she shares her adventures. Life is good. Then a few reckless choices change it all. Reality and the internet intertwine and then intersect when her blog and its readers begin to affect her life. With the help of her two closest friends, a hot bartender, and her blog readers, Zoe figures out what’s real and what’s important. She learns that by rejecting those close to her she misses out on life, and that some things are worth the risk. Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning to be able to move forward.



Chapter 1

Blog Entry: Thursday, December 13
If Life Was Like a Word Document


Wouldn’t it be great if life worked like spell-check? All your mistakes would be highlighted so you could “undo” them before moving on.

Highlight, delete. Done. Mistake avoided.

When I spotted Cling Man at the office Christmas party last week, he should have had squiggly lines underneath him. I would have known instantly. But no, taking him home seemed like a good idea. He was super-hot and looking for action. Someone I could take home and never worry about again. Who knew he had adhesive properties!


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