Fantasia Frog Designs is having a sale from Nov 1st, 2015 to Nov 14th, 2015.

It’s $5.00 off all premade ebooks. This does not apply to custom designs, print, or any other graphic design, just premade ebooks.

We added new premades this past month just for this event and we will be adding more after the sale is over. Please keep in mind photo stock licenses allow for each premade cover to be sold only once.


All premade images  are modestly editable and available. Fantasia Frog Designs creates new and unique covers for each author. Once an image is used, it is taken out of our available files. That way no two covers can be duplicated, or  sold twice. We work hard to find individualized images, and each Royalty Free licence we purchase, (often/if not always), allows for 1 use per purchase. If a cover is to be used for like a template, we need to purchase that image license for each cover.  We are an ethical company, and won’t take advantage of this licence agreement. Thanks for your understanding in this.