Latest Premades

In the poll so far it loos like interracial, sweet romance and illustrations are the covers people are most interested in seeing more of. Here is a start. Still a bit of a mix, but I’ve got more illustration covers coming soon, and hopefully more interracial 🙂 I see paranormal covers have also scored pretty high in the ratings, so maybe I’ll send out a second poll to zero in on more specific paranormal questions. 🙂

Thanks for those who have taken the time to vote. It really helps give me an idea of what to focus on.

Hunterand-hunted-40 Onelonelywalk-40 Sexy-and-serious-40 Keeping-Warm-during-the-Holidays-40 NaughtyChristmas-40 Longing-and-Luxury-40 Sweet-Paradice-40 LongLostRendesvous-40 Sweet-Interracial-Romance-40 Fairy-Fantasies-40 Farther-into-the-Void---40 Paranormal-Nights-1-432x648UrbanAngel-40 Romance-ERA-70 CabinKisses-40 Holiday-Romance-40Wedded-Bliss-25 Sci-Fi-ffd-70

TheRumbleoftheSea-40-ff Forest-Walker-40 cottage-dreams-cottage-screams-40  America-over-sea-40 AmericanSoldiers-Jungles-40

Sale covers below

Sweetsnowy-dreams-40Winter Getaway-2-40


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