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We are holding a cover giveaway and here are some of our Latest Premades

I’ve decided to hold a cover giveaway to offset some of the bad stuff that has happened in 2016. There’s been a lot of changes in the publishing industry and maybe it would be good to have something positive.

Starting today, December 30th, 2016, if you want to be entered for a chance to win a cover designed by Fantasia Frog Designs, just leave a comment here on the site, preferably on this post, notifying me you’d like to be entered in the draw for either any premade currently available on the site (up to January 2nd), or a custom designed cover with the value up to $50.00.

This draw will close january 2nd, 2017, at midnight (my time), and I’ll get my sweet hubby to randomly select a name. I’ll notify announce the winner here on my website and probably on facebook too. Feel free to tell your author friends or publishers.

I’ll be creating more premade covers in the meantime, so if there’s something you’d like to see here, leave that in your comment and I’ll see if I have the images on hand to put it together.

and now, some new premades.

New $40.00 covers

dragon-lover-bk1-ffd-40 dragon-lover-bk2-ffd-40

waitingforhercowboy-ffd-40 buffthreesome-ffd-40


Watermarks are removed after purchase (not a single image)



indeepwadplayboy-ffd-40 port-of-call-ffd-pb-40 vintage-detective-ffd-40

New $30 covers

seekreturnpreserve-ffd-30 underthehill-ffd-30

New $25.00 covers

inthestillofthenight-ffd-25 mischief-ffd-25


Featured Author: Kate Richards

A Daring Contract – Dare to Love Kindle World

Kind reviews are very welcome. In fact, I have a few review copies to share. Email Kate at katerichards09 (at) if you’d like to read one and post a review!

A life cut short…
A drunk driver’s bad decision to get behind the wheel has ended the life of Attorney to the Stars, Doug Steele, leaving his wife, Kim, alone, less than a month before Christmas. Without the support of their best friend, Tony Chavez, she’d never have made it through the funeral.

A mysterious document…
At the reading of the will, Doug’s attorney presents Kim and Tony with a contract they signed the previous holiday season under the influence of eggnog. They don’t remember it, but the signatures look real. Seems they agreed, if Doug ever died, to marry before the next Christmas. If Tony hadn’t been in love with her since they were five, he’d laugh it off. Or cry.

You’re invited to a beach wedding…
It’s ridiculous, cannot happen, and Tony will never marry a woman who doesn’t love him as much as he loves her. Not even for his late best friend. Except somehow their event is the latest secret-location celebrity event. The A-list is coming. And one night in Kim’s arms has shown him even more why he cannot marry her. He loves her too much. And she cannot possibly feel the same way. Can she?


Latest Premades

kissing-in-the-springtime-ffd-40 mistletowgetsresults-ffd-40

Image credit - Marcus J. Ranum Model Rael C

Image credit – Marcus J. Ranum
Model Rael C

Image credit - Woman - elanUSA

Image credit – Woman – elanUSA

Image credit - Still Miracle

Image credit – Still Miracle

Image credit - Dee Dee possible young adult title

Image credit – Dee Dee


And two I revamped

romancenightout-ffd-40 smoulderingheat-ffd-40

This one below is $30


Featured Author : Nancy Glynn

And Never Lose His Heart: A Town of Destiny Novel by Nancy Glynn


When bestselling author Eve Michaels puts an ad out seeking hands-on experience in farming for her latest book, she never expects to discover more than about agriculture and horses. She’s set in her single city life until a desperate woman answers the ad…but with a warning. Destiny is calling her name.

Click to Preorder And Never Lose His Heart

Book available February 3rd, 2017

Latest Premades

I have had a great month networking with some very wonderful photographers. I’m pleased to showcase some of their work in my designs. There will names below some covers in order to give credit to these photographers.

legendarymisswylde-ffd-40-invisiblegirl Image credit invisible Girl




fantasyinnature-ffd-30 ptts-ffd-30 swc-poetry-ffd-30

holidaycheer-ffd-40 pfad-ffd-30

Premade book cover Image of woman - Photographer -Marcus J. Ranum model - Catphrodite… Two dragons - ElevitStock - (used dragon #1 and #3)… Other model (male) from Canstockphoto

Premade book cover
Image of woman – Photographer -Marcus J. Ranum
model – Catphrodite…
Two dragons – ElevitStock – (used dragon #1 and #3)…
Other model (male) from Canstockphoto

Also, designs by Tufted Sky (no longer operating out of their own site) will be available through Fantasia Frog Designs

see below

tscd-title-9 tscd-title-3 tscd-title-4 tscd-title-5 tscd-title-6 tscd-title-7 tscd-book-title1


tscd-historicaltitle-lavender tscd-pondering tscd-title14

tscd-title13 tscd-title12 tscd-title11

The above 6 images with thanks to photographer Adina Voicu

tscd-drama-neverleavethecar tscd-romance-20


Photographer- Marcus J Ranum
Female model – Danailya
Male model – Marcus J Ranum
Background – Rafido…





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