FFD was no longer on facebook – or a fan- but I created a page

Something happened, beats me what, but I am disconnected with facebook because of the name I used. I go by Fantasia Frog Designs rather than my real name because I like being anonymous. And I’m not providing facebook my identity, especially over the internet, because what you upload is vulnerable and no longer in your control, no matter what they promise. I was reading on some other views of this policy, and I really like what this person has to say, not only for those who prefer to call themselves by another name, but because what we call ourselves by choice is our identity.

My old account is gone, so those trying to get a hold of me won’t be able to do it through facebook or messaging. I created a page, but my connections to people are gone. If you need to get a hold of me, Contact me here. It’s the quickest way anyway.


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