Latest Endeavours

I have created an additional website for my ffd premades, though I’ll be leaving this one up for a while until traffic finds my other one.

That said, I have started creating 3d renders on subjects that I tend not to be able to find images for, and I’ve uploaded a large number so far to depositphotos and some to canstockphotos. The link to my portfolios are here



Like my premades, if there is a subject you’d like to see created, just let me know and I’ll do my best.

here’s a sample of one of my favourites.

Also, If you are searching for FFD Premades, you will find a few more listed here:

What are you looking for?

I’m still on the fence whether I am going to keep adding to FFD premades. Before I make any final decisions I thought I’d ask, “what are you looking for when it comes to premades?”

Low price? Specific genre? Specific artistic style? Nothing?

There are around 900 followers of this blog, apparently, so I’m hoping I hear from some people. One author suggested I hold quarterly sales. Another mentioned wanting custom designs only.

So, I’m hoping some followers of the blog leave a comment, or contact me through the email address provided with some feedback and I’ll take positive directions and put them to use. Feel free to be specific.

I wish everyone well in these strange days. If I hear nothing, then I have my answer, too.


St. Patrick’s Day cover Winner and group link

My newly re-established facebook group has a cover giveaway today.

I’ll be contacting the winner shortly.

The next giveaway will likely be Easter themed and therefore set around Apr 4 -ish.

I hold a contest premade cover for 1 year, and it includes changes to text and font.

If you are interested in giveaway notifications my group link is here: