New Radish premades

I have been asked by a few authors for covers that are suitable for Radish.

I will be uploading some premades that look a little different, featuring a small text free image of the premade cover in the bottom left corner. Like this

$30 for Radish only, $40 for Ebook with text and sizes
text Free Cover shown in window on left bottom corner

I’ll try to mark those designs with a RA in the subject/title line or notate it on the cover itself.

There are some things to keep in mind with Radish covers, and that is that the images used would need to be CC0/public Domain or Royalty free (in a size where you can upload the art without text.In some instances that means they can’t be larger than 1800 pixels, but double check that license before purchasing.)

Most photo stock sites have rules around how large of a file you can upload with minimal alterations to their images. And even though certain CC0 sites say you can use their images however you want, you certainly can’t if images of people or trademarks or copyrighted scenery/buildings are present. For more info on Radish, here is a site that I found.

Winter Holidays

I just overheard my hubby mention to someone that he was starting his Winter holidays on the 21st of December, so I think I will do the same. Besides, we get our third vaccination shot on the 22nd and I might be out of commission and recovering a bit. We will see. If you are in a pinch you can always message/email, and I will see what I can do.