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Latest Premades

It’s been busy lately, which I quite like, though that usually means new premades don’t appear here as often as they do when it’s slow. Apparently people have been looking for headers here on my site, so I thought I should add some more. I didn’t have very many. Headers vary in price. The prices are listed beside the headers on the headers page. I have lowered the prices on most of them as well.

I have also purchased three new actions for photoshop. Dystopian scenes, electric architecture, and cyborgs may be coming to a premade page soon. I love actions.



$40.00 covers


Sale cover $25.00

$15.00 covers

Young adult sale cover

 $25.00  $25.00



Latest Premades

MistressVampire Headless HistHUMSweet TitlehistoricalRomance fantasyhorror-(dev-RC)

Image credit – Ravenacana
CoffeeBreak  Sexy-Christmas3

Sweet-Title Hotel-Rendesvous

Winter-HeaderHeader on sale for $20.00

Latest images: Headers




Latest Images: Xmas Headers

Here’s a few quick ideas to celebrate during the holiday season.

Latest Images: Horror/Western & banners

Cowboy wolves=Sold


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