Latest Premades

I’m going to hold a Premade book cover sale- coming soon. Starting Friday May 11th, 2018 and ending May 18th, 2018, all premade book covers (except those under $20) will be ten dollars off.

Dragon credit – Macrcopolio stock
Model – Sachie
Photographer – Marcus J. Ranum


sky Photographer – Max Saeling


$25 $25



Latest Premades & info on Facebook changes

I have been advised that Facebook changed its sizes and it’s avatars, again.

this is a site that has helpful info though I have yet to get the image to work:

I’ll also add this useful site to my tips page and a link on the site in useful resources.


This is also another view on the new size.
Hopefully one of these will work. This header is for the group pages, not the individual pages. If I get one that works, heck, I’ll erase this stuff and just give the dimensions here instead.



NEW – Audiobook-Mockup