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We are holding a cover giveaway and here are some of our Latest Premades

I’ve decided to hold a cover giveaway to offset some of the bad stuff that has happened in 2016. There’s been a lot of changes in the publishing industry and maybe it would be good to have something positive.

Starting today, December 30th, 2016, if you want to be entered for a chance to win a cover designed by Fantasia Frog Designs, just leave a comment here on the site, preferably on this post, notifying me you’d like to be entered in the draw for either any premade currently available on the site (up to January 2nd), or a custom designed cover with the value up to $50.00.

This draw will close january 2nd, 2017, at midnight (my time), and I’ll get my sweet hubby to randomly select a name. I’ll notify announce the winner here on my website and probably on facebook too. Feel free to tell your author friends or publishers.

I’ll be creating more premade covers in the meantime, so if there’s something you’d like to see here, leave that in your comment and I’ll see if I have the images on hand to put it together.

and now, some new premades.

New $40.00 covers

dragon-lover-bk1-ffd-40 dragon-lover-bk2-ffd-40 kingoftheshifters-ffd-40

waitingforhercowboy-ffd-40 buffthreesome-ffd-40


Watermarks are removed after purchase (not a single image)



indeepwadplayboy-ffd-40 port-of-call-ffd-pb-40 vintage-detective-ffd-40

New $30 covers

seekreturnpreserve-ffd-30 underthehill-ffd-30

New $25.00 covers

inthestillofthenight-ffd-25 mischief-ffd-25

Featured Author: Kate Rothwell


Seducing Miss Dunaway

Kate has informed me, that this book is always free.


Strong-willed Miss Mary Dunaway had a plan for her future and she would stop at nothing to reach her goal of working with the poor in London. She was even willing to ask a gentleman, a stranger, to help her.

Twelve years later, the same gentleman reappears in her life. Although he doesn’t seem to recall her, she remembers every detail of the kisses they shared. The attractive Lord Fellington apparently sees her as the saintly, nun-like matron of the foundling asylum. Very well, she has made her bed and now she lies in it, alone. Unless he has other plans?

Warning: this story contains graphic sex …but only a few pages of it.


Visit Kate’s website, Kate’s blog, and Kate’s books on Amazon.

Latest Premades


Image credit - Marcus J. Ranum Model - Bridget Sardo

Image credit – Marcus J. Ranum
Model – Bridget Sardo


Credit -The male Nude Stock – Felix d’Eon

NewYorkCity-ffd-40 Sanfransisco-ffd-40 AtlantaCity-ffd-40

Image credit – TheMaleNudeStock-Felix d’Eon

Latest Premades

Photo credit - Marcus J. Ranum model-Sinned Angel Stock

Photo credit – Marcus J. Ranum model-Sinned Angel Stock



LondonRain-ffd-40 credit – Marcus J. Ranum Model – Rubiacaea




Latest Premades

Photo courtesy of Diepriye Awoyesuku Modelling by Aleida Reis

Photo courtesy of Diepriye Awoyesuku
Modelling by Aleida Reis


Credit for Photographer and model - Darren Constance

Credit for Photographer and model – Darren Constance


(Above image is a Sale cover)




Image credit - Marcus J. Ranum Models-Colin and Sarah

Image credit – Marcus J. Ranum
Models-Colin and Sarah




Facebook-cover-Antiques-15 Facebook-cover-erotic-20

Latest Premades


(mystery/thriller/Mainstream – Approx. $40.00)


Just-visitingforawhile-40 PoisoninthePie-40 Stonehengemoon-40

Sexymysterymansion-40 Within-the-Dark-Halls-40

Seasonal (approx. $40.00)


High-grade steampunk (approx. $70.00)


Sci Fi (approx. $40.00)


Historical (approx. $40.00)



Sale paranormal (approx. $25.00)


Latest Premades

More premades 🙂  And, NEW, See individual covers per genre on their allotted pages 🙂


More Westerns, as requested

Western-Romance2-ffd-40 Urban-West-40 Western-Romance-ffd-40



Romance-at-the-Window-70 Historical-Garden-Wander  LVF-Historical-70 ADMAT-70High-Grade- $70.00

And…some others, as well.

Blue-Witch-Walks-432x648 SecretsandDesires-40 The-Right-Touch-ffd-40

Pusherandfaller-70 Thriller (high-grade approx. $70.00)


planetary-wonderPhoto credit - Jeong Eem Lee Photo credit – Jeong Eem Lee

(above 3 are sale –  $25.00)

NaughtyWeddingstories1DeathintheRuins-40 dragonsword11

NEW Cozy Mysteries

Murder-in-the-Garden--40 Detective-Road-40

And some Seasonal

Holiday-Romance-HG-FFD  $70.00 (High-Grade)

sexyseasonsgreetings-FFDMid-grade (approx. $40.00)

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