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Latest Premades and a poll

I thought it was time I did another check in. Unfortunately, I only have fifteen spots for answers, so I went broad on questions. (like steampunk as an option, my fav, but I plan on doing more of those anyway.) For some reason it doesn’t show the results on the poll here on the blog, just on the poll website.

Poll: What would you like to see more of?

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And now, the latest pemades


 ($40) ($40)

image credit – Scott Liddell-building


Sale covers below


Latest Premades

New – package bundle– prices vary according to image details (approx. $70-$150.00)

Ebook – (prices range from $15.00-$70)

Print ($30.00)

Audio ($10-$20)

Timeline header ($10-$20)

Teaser ($5.00-$10.00)

included free with the package – eBook/eReader image with your book cover (background image can be changed) (see directly below)


******************************************************************************** ($40) ($40)

($30)  ($40)

 ($30) ($30)

($40)  ($40)


($40)  ($40) ($40)  ($40)  ($40)  ($40)

 ($30)  ($30)




Latest Premades

($40)   ($30)

($40)  ($40)  ($40)

 ($40)  ($40)

 ($40)  ($40)

 ($40)  ($40)  ($40)  ($40)

Bookmarks ($10)

Sale covers below

18+ or steamier Sale Premade


Suspense $25.00



Latest Premades

It’s been busy lately, which I quite like, though that usually means new premades don’t appear here as often as they do when it’s slow. Apparently people have been looking for headers here on my site, so I thought I should add some more. I didn’t have very many. Headers vary in price. The prices are listed beside the headers on the headers page. I have lowered the prices on most of them as well.

I have also purchased three new actions for photoshop. Dystopian scenes, electric architecture, and cyborgs may be coming to a premade page soon. I love actions.



$40.00 covers



Sale cover $25.00

$15.00 covers

Young adult sale cover

 $25.00  $25.00


Latest Premades

thatsmr-heavenly-ffd-40  paranormalshifterwolf-ffd-40 shewhoprowls-ffd-40

I’ve also been revamping some of my older covers – those can be seen below



titlehisoricalromance $40.00



Model – Rubiacea

Photographer – Marcus J. Ranum


Latest Premades

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know I will be holding a sale on premade book covers for Valentine’s Day. Starting February 13th and ending February 15th (a two day sale), $40-$70 covers will be $15.00 0ff, (making them $55 or $25.00) and the $30-$25.00 covers are $10.00 off (making them $20 and $15.00). This doesn’t include items under $25.00.

thewolfpack-northedge-ffd-40 ($40.00)

gothic-moon-ffd-40 ($40.00)

Photographer - Marcus J. Ranum Model - Jazmine Dominique

Photographer – Marcus J. Ranum
Model – Jazmine Dominique ($40.00)

aboveanyskyline-ffd-40 $40.00 sleeping-with-his-mistress-ffd-40 $40.00

themistin-brooklyn-ffd-40 $40.00 maybebrunettes-ffd-40 $40.00

naughtyn1-ffd-25 $25.00naughtier-n2-ffd-25 $25.00naughtiest-n3-ffd-25 $25.00


meetmehalfway-ffd-15 ($15.00)

Latest Premades

$40.00 Premades

1nw-series-toby-ffd-40 1nw-series-sam-ffd-40 1nw-series-liam-ffd-40

Sample of series (covers can be sold individually/I’ll just make changes to the others- inquire about price)

privclubwahunk-ffd-40  keepwatchom-ffd-40valentinesblizzard-ffd-40

thenextstep-ffd-40 alien-my-love-ffd-40 wintergetaway-ffd-40


$30.00 premades



$25.00 premades



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