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Latest Premades

($40)   ($30)

($40)  ($40)  ($40)

 ($40)  ($40)

 ($40)  ($40)

 ($40)  ($40)  ($40)  ($40)

Bookmarks ($10)

Sale covers below

18+ or steamier Sale Premade


Suspense $25.00



Latest Premades

It’s been busy lately, which I quite like, though that usually means new premades don’t appear here as often as they do when it’s slow. Apparently people have been looking for headers here on my site, so I thought I should add some more. I didn’t have very many. Headers vary in price. The prices are listed beside the headers on the headers page. I have lowered the prices on most of them as well.

I have also purchased three new actions for photoshop. Dystopian scenes, electric architecture, and cyborgs may be coming to a premade page soon. I love actions.



$40.00 covers



Sale cover $25.00

$15.00 covers

Young adult sale cover

 $25.00  $25.00


Latest Premades

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know I will be holding a sale on premade book covers for Valentine’s Day. Starting February 13th and ending February 15th (a two day sale), $40-$70 covers will be $15.00 0ff, (making them $55 or $25.00) and the $30-$25.00 covers are $10.00 off (making them $20 and $15.00). This doesn’t include items under $25.00.

thewolfpack-northedge-ffd-40 ($40.00)

gothic-moon-ffd-40 ($40.00)

Photographer - Marcus J. Ranum Model - Jazmine Dominique

Photographer – Marcus J. Ranum
Model – Jazmine Dominique ($40.00)

aboveanyskyline-ffd-40 $40.00 sleeping-with-his-mistress-ffd-40 $40.00

themistin-brooklyn-ffd-40 $40.00 maybebrunettes-ffd-40 $40.00

naughtyn1-ffd-25 $25.00naughtier-n2-ffd-25 $25.00naughtiest-n3-ffd-25 $25.00


meetmehalfway-ffd-15 ($15.00)

Latest Premades

I’ll keep adding the new ones to this post, but I don’t want to add any after the 7th so jessica E. Subject’s post doesn’t get bumped down.


Image credit -Aliciabc0

Image credit - Khusen Rustamov

Above Image credit – Khusen Rustamov


Photo credit - ELANUSA

Photo credit – ELANUSA


ex-mas-romance-ffd-20 myoneandonly-ffd-25 (don’t want the fireworks, want stars instead, easy peasy – just ask)

lamplight-romance-20-ffd homesteaders-countrylife-20-ffd

(Above image credit aliceabc0)

( above 4 images premade @$25.00)


I’ve been adding more premade covers over the past week, and I’ve noticed some could work for multiple genres. If I have one in mysteries, it might also work for fantasy, for example. Like this one.




Or covers I post in contemporary, could work for romances, or poetry, or things I haven’t thought of.

For an idea of how the sale works, it’s $10.00 off all premades $25.00 and up. If you like a $25.00 cover, it will end up being $15.00, and a $40.00 premade will be $30.00 🙂

The sale starts tomorrow, November 1st and ends November 15th.

Thanks for visiting my site, and a special thanks to those who have shared news of my premade sale.




Latest Premades

High grade $70.00 premade covers – below


Midgrade $40.00 premade covers-below

SCi-fi-romance City-Limits-ffd-FS-Pb-70 Casino-Heat-ffd-70




Web use only

web use only Ebook





Motor-mania Night-Ride-432x648

2 versions on a motocycle theme

New $25.00 Sale covers below

Summertime-saleHotandsteamy-saleTrouble-when-its-Dark-outside-Sale-ffd Sale

Latest Premades

Romanticnightout Sexy-Urban-couple Erotic-Adventure-432x648

© Masta4650 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

© Masta4650 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


And, in the sale section – These are new $25.00 (Ebook only) covers.


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