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Latest Premades

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know I will be holding a sale on premade book covers for Valentine’s Day. Starting February 13th and ending February 15th (a two day sale), $40-$70 covers will be $15.00 0ff, (making them $55 or $25.00) and the $30-$25.00 covers are $10.00 off (making them $20 and $15.00). This doesn’t include items under $25.00.

thewolfpack-northedge-ffd-40 ($40.00)

gothic-moon-ffd-40 ($40.00)

Photographer - Marcus J. Ranum Model - Jazmine Dominique

Photographer – Marcus J. Ranum
Model – Jazmine Dominique ($40.00)

aboveanyskyline-ffd-40 $40.00 sleeping-with-his-mistress-ffd-40 $40.00

themistin-brooklyn-ffd-40 $40.00 maybebrunettes-ffd-40 $40.00

naughtyn1-ffd-25 $25.00naughtier-n2-ffd-25 $25.00naughtiest-n3-ffd-25 $25.00


meetmehalfway-ffd-15 ($15.00)

Latest Premades

I’ll keep adding the new ones to this post, but I don’t want to add any after the 7th so jessica E. Subject’s post doesn’t get bumped down.


Image credit -Aliciabc0

Image credit - Khusen Rustamov

Above Image credit – Khusen Rustamov


Photo credit - ELANUSA

Photo credit – ELANUSA


ex-mas-romance-ffd-20 myoneandonly-ffd-25 (don’t want the fireworks, want stars instead, easy peasy – just ask)

lamplight-romance-20-ffd homesteaders-countrylife-20-ffd

(Above image credit aliceabc0)

( above 4 images premade @$25.00)


I’ve been adding more premade covers over the past week, and I’ve noticed some could work for multiple genres. If I have one in mysteries, it might also work for fantasy, for example. Like this one.




Or covers I post in contemporary, could work for romances, or poetry, or things I haven’t thought of.

For an idea of how the sale works, it’s $10.00 off all premades $25.00 and up. If you like a $25.00 cover, it will end up being $15.00, and a $40.00 premade will be $30.00 🙂

The sale starts tomorrow, November 1st and ends November 15th.

Thanks for visiting my site, and a special thanks to those who have shared news of my premade sale.




Latest Premades

High grade $70.00 premade covers – below

Ahistoricalromance-70Casino-Heat-ffd-70 City-Limits-ffd-FS-Pb-70

Midgrade $40.00 premade covers-below





Web use only

web use only Ebook






Motor-mania Night-Ride-432x648

2 versions on a motocycle theme

New $25.00 Sale covers below

Summertime-saleHotandsteamy-saleTrouble-when-its-Dark-outside-Sale-ffd Sale

Latest Premades

Romanticnightout Sexy-Urban-couple Erotic-Adventure-432x648

© Masta4650 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

© Masta4650 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


And, in the sale section – These are new $25.00 (Ebook only) covers.


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