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WESTERN-Hunk-4 VillaVacation-FFD-40 GFX-Chic-lit-1  AmericanSoldiers-Missions-40 AmericanSoldiers-Dryland-40



TheKinkyclub-ffd-40 erotic-2sold City-Heat-ffd-40

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FFD-Sweet-Western-hunk-40 WildWesternWoman-FFD-40

THeBride-1-40-ffd Another-Bride-2-ffd

Image credit - Carmen Solís

Image credit – Carmen Solís

Latest Premades

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More Westerns, as requested

Western-Romance2-ffd-40 Urban-West-40 Western-Romance-ffd-40



Romance-at-the-Window-70 Historical-Garden-Wander  LVF-Historical-70 ADMAT-70High-Grade- $70.00

And…some others, as well.

Blue-Witch-Walks-432x648 SecretsandDesires-40 LatenightProwl-ffd-40 The-Right-Touch-ffd-40

Pusherandfaller-70 Thriller (high-grade approx. $70.00)


planetary-wonderPhoto credit - Jeong Eem Lee Photo credit – Jeong Eem Lee

(above 3 are sale –  $25.00)

NaughtyWeddingstories1DeathintheRuins-40 dragonsword11

NEW Cozy Mysteries

Murder-in-the-Garden--40 Detective-Road-40

And some Seasonal

Holiday-Romance-HG-FFD  $70.00 (High-Grade)

sexyseasonsgreetings-FFDMid-grade (approx. $40.00)

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Above $70.00

GF-EroticN2 sci fi romance

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planetary-Wonder Spooky-Mansion


Some headers too.




Also, from Spittyfish Designs, our mainstream and young adult site:

contemporary-countryside SFD-Contemporary-R Reaching-Above

Latest Premades

s-and-s-contemporary s-and-s-western DragonSword1 Western-Romance-B

Latest Design: Keta Diablo

Coming the end of January 2013!
Sky Tinted Water – Keta Diablo
A “Sweet” Historical Novel
Watch for release day here:
Cover art by Fantasia Frog Designs
About Sky Tinted Water
Familial bonds, malevolent schemes and passion collide in this sweet historical novel. Set in Minnesota during the Civil War and the Sioux uprising, this is the story of Rory Hudson, the exquisite Irish lass with an unbreakable spirit and the enigmatic Dawson Finch, a man bound by honor, duty and loyalty.
When Dawson enlists in the army to bring peace to nation divided, Rory’s world plummets into a tailspin. War, distance and time separate them, but nothing can dispel the haunting memories of their love. Not even death can destroy their fierce passion or a love so strong it beats the odds of the impossible.
* Coming to a Kindle & Nook near you in March 2013 – Sky Dance, the sequel to Sky Tinted Water

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