Historical and Pirate adventure

Historical Seasonal –NEW


image credit -photographer- Marcus J. Ranum- model Rubiacaea


Mid-grade Pirate and Adventure (that I can’t think where else to put it🙂 ($40.00)

Image credit - Jessica Dru

Image credit – Jessica Dru

Mid-Grade Historical (approx. $40.00)

Above Image credit – Invisible Girl

swordbearer-ffd-40 HistoricalNight-ffd-40

Image credit - Marcus J. Ranum Models-Colin and Sarah

Image credit – Marcus J. Ranum
Models-Colin and Sarah

Hunterand-hunted-40 Lady-of-the-Historical-40 Romance-at-the-Window-70Regency-Title-F Historical-Garden-Wander Web use only Historical-Fiction TitlehistoricalRomance Historical-Romance-pink-432x648 Historical-Romance2Secretive-Historical Sensual-Historical Seductive-Historical Historical-Romance HistoricHero HighlanderRomance2 HighlandRomance1

Spanish-Shores HistHUMSweet

High-Grade (approx. $70.00)

Historicmountains-ffd-70 Romance-ERA-70 ADMAT-70 LVF-Historical-70 Ahistoricalromance-70

Sale (Approx. $25.00)


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