Mysteries, Action, Hot Cops, and Thrillers

All premade covers can be modified to suit. ie; if your heroine wouldn’t expose so much skin and you want her covered up more, or you want a bloodied knife changed or added in just ask. Some modifications may cost additional.


Mid-grade ($40.00)



Stonehengemoon-40 PoisoninthePie-40 Detective-Road-40 Murder-in-the-Garden--40



Mystery, Action, Suspense and Thriller -($30)


Mid-Grade (approx. $40.00)


($40) image credit – Scott Liddell-building





Image credit - Marcus J. Ranum Model Rael C

Image credit – Marcus J. Ranum
Model Rael C

Image credit - Woman - elanUSA

Image credit – Woman – elanUSA


urbantitle-ffd-40 HunkyProfessionals-Fire-ffd-40 HorrorCruise-ffd-40 StormyDrive-ffd-40 Contemporary-Suspense--ffd-40 UrbanGirlChic2-ffd-40 UrbanGirlChic-ffd-40  City-Limits-ffd-FS-Pb-70 Car-crash-Thriller Scoobydoowhereareyou-40 Murderedmystery Suspense-thriller-432x648 Night-Ride-432x648 Motor-mania

Erotic-Adventure Dark-and-moody Pusherandfaller-70


Sale ($25.00)

 DeathintheRuins-40 tscd-drama-neverleavethecar Alongwalkdownadarkroad-40 Mysterymen-ffd-25


Horrorskullbird Trouble-when-its-Dark-outside-Sale-ffd

Sale (approx. $15.00)


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