Fantasia Frog Designs

Here is a small sample of a few we have to offer. There are many more pages of premades, sorted by genre, and our testimonials page

All premade covers can be modified to suit. ie; if your hero has dark hair, grey eyes and horns, or your heroine is just showing too much skin and you want to cover her up, or you want an animal, building, landscape changed or added in just ask. Some modifications may cost additional if additional purchases are required.

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30 thoughts on “Fantasia Frog Designs

    1. Hi, Tara — I’m almost finished (a couple more chapters to go) with my sweet contemporary romantic comedy, “Sweeter Than W(h)ine,” and I’m interested in the roses and romance cover. My heroine has hazel eyes, though, not green.

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  2. Hi Tara,

    I’m looking for a cover for my paranormal novel. You came highly recommended by my author friends. I’ve seen a few covers on here that I’d like to discuss with you. I’m the world’s worst for trying to find emails on these sites so please respond to my information below.


  3. Guy Ogan

    I’m fairly new to IndieRomanceInk, but Lynn Kerstan left a post mentioning that Alicia Rasley had recommended you and that you also did Blogsites/Fansites/or whatever they are called.

    It may be premature right now, since I only have the first of my “Immortal Relations” adult vampire romance books on Amazon & Kindle, but I may need some sort of website for potential readers to go and read about my book(s), leave comments and join so they can read “blogs/comments/etc.” left by other visitors to the site.

    I’m also interested in your Paranormal Cover of the lady in the forest. I currently have a local art student who did my first cover (a great job in my opinion). He is working on my second cover – but I worry he is going to leave the area soon and I’ll be high and dry for cover-art. If we can come to an agreement on having your cover “waiting in the wings” it would be a good move I think – just in case I need it for book #2 or more likely for book #3 of my series. I’d like the Main Title to be the same as on my current book: Immortal with the blood coming off the bottom and Relations underneath. A sub-title, yet to be determined (currently I’m thinking of using “The Family” as the sub-title, but maybe “Love & War” might be more in keeping with the overall theme of book #2). The sub-title would probably go where you have the second title shown on your cover (but you know more about what would work than I do, I’m sure).

    Please look at and let me know any thought, ideas, comments or suggestions at As I said, this is all new to me, so realize I may not understand standard publishing terminology.

    1. Hi, and thanks for your interest in FFD. I certainly can put that premade book cover “waiting in the Wings” Not a problem. Though I had better double check the one you mean, Winterwalk Is it this one?

      As to the website design, I will contact you through email to go over more detail. πŸ™‚

      Thanks, Tara

      1. Yes, that is the one, I can’t see her eyes (my old eyes aren’t that sharp anymore). In the first book, her eyes and hair are described as Black. My second book in the series is almost finished, “IMMORTAL RELATIONS, LOVE & WAR” should be ready early next month to go to the printers (and like the first will be on Amazon & Kindle).

  4. I put a comment on here a little bit ago, asking about a cover that was premade…a couple kissing at the top of the book. But, there are more covers now, is that one I mentioned not available any longer?

  5. I’m interested in the Cowgirl Romance premade cover, the sweet looking one with the girl with dark hair. Do you insert the title and author name for me?Thanks!

  6. I am interested in your Country Romance cover. I would want to use it for ebook and print-on-demand formats. I already have a font selected. (I do have some design background.) Can you provide a quote for both formats? Any other info I need? Thank you! ~~Jennifer

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  8. Jade

    Hello! I am not able to e-mail you directly for some reason and was hoping to get an ebook cover, print on demand cover, and a blog header or wordpress skin, possibly logos etc… I need it pretty quickly πŸ™‚ Thank you.

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  10. I’m interested in getting covers for interracial sweet romance (black woman/white man). I’ll be happy to see a few samples, if you have any available, and the prices.

    1. Hi, I don’t have any premade, but I’ll keep that in mind for future premade projects. Currently we aren’t taking new customers, but I can try to let you know when interracial sweet romance premades go live on the site πŸ™‚

  11. RSterling

    Hi, I am interested in the second cover under Romance with the African American couple titled sexy-in-the-bedroom. How may I purchase this cover? Thanks!

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