Fantasia Frog Designs

Here is a small sample of a few we have to offer. There are many more pages of premades, sorted by genre.

All premade covers can be modified to suit. ie; if your hero has dark hair, grey eyes and horns, or your heroine is just showing too much skin and you want to cover her up, or you want an animal, building, landscape changed or added in just ask. Some modifications may cost additional if additional purchases are required.

We design premade headers, print, and banners too.





Contemporary-bookmark-2inx8in-vbookmark-steampunk-ffd-10FireDragon-bookmark-2inx8in-vCitySlick-ffd-40  alien-my-love-ffd-40 thatsmr-heavenly-ffd-40 Sweetchristmas-40 CreativeWaystoKeepWarm-ffd-40 DragonFlame-ffd-40  Suspense-18-ffd-25 Suspense17-ffd-40 Beware-the-Night-ffd-40 thenextstep-ffd-40 Loveinprovence-ffd-unsplash

1nw-series-liam-ffd-40 1nw-series-sam-ffd-40 1nw-series-toby-ffd-40

 Night-Ride-432x648 Motor-mania Sweet-on-you SweetkissintheRain Home-Sweet-Home  GF-menage1 Hotel-Rendesvous 

urbanromance-mm Heartbreakervacation 

Vampire-v1 vampires-v2 Fright-432x648


Steampunk-color  FlyingSteammachine Full-steam-Ahead

Vintage-boat Regency-Title-F

 Historical-Fiction Spanish-Shores Historical-Romance-pink-432x648  

Hawk's-Haven AngelFlight Warrioress-Blade

SCi-fi-romance SCiFi-starbase Sciencefictionandsuspense  Sexy-starport-sci-fi-432x648 

Suspense-thriller-432x648 Dark-and-moody  Car-crash-Thriller

FFD-Western-romance    MistressVampire

Celebration Sexy-Christmas3


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