Fantasia Frog Designs

All premade covers are sorted by genre.

Here is a small sample of a few we have to offer. There are many more pages.

We design premade headers, print, and banners too.


thewolfpack-northedge-ffd-40 alien-my-love-ffd-40 thatsmr-heavenly-ffd-40thenextstep-ffd-40

1nw-series-liam-ffd-40 1nw-series-sam-ffd-40 1nw-series-toby-ffd-40

nightwolves-ffd-40 paranormalshifterwolf-ffd-40 shewhoprowls-ffd-40

Loveinprovence-ffd-unsplash Night-Ride-432x648 Motor-maniaSweet-on-you SweetkissintheRain Home-Sweet-Home  GF-menage1 Hotel-Rendesvous

urbanromance-mm Heartbreakervacation 

Vampire-v1 vampires-v2 Fright-432x648


Steampunk-color  FlyingSteammachine Full-steam-Ahead

Windwaterandwine-ffd-Pb Vintage-boat Regency-Title-F

HighlandRomance1 Historical-Fiction Spanish-Shores Historical-Romance-pink-432x648

Hawk's-Haven AngelFlight Warrioress-Blade Raidermoon

Science Fiction

SCi-fi-romance SCiFi-starbase Sciencefictionandsuspense Cyberthief Sexy-starport-sci-fi-432x648 

Suspense-thriller-432x648 Dark-and-moody  Car-crash-Thriller

FFD-Western-romance    MistressVampire

Frostykisses-ffd  Celebration Sexy-Christmas3

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