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FFD designs many types of book genres, the exceptions being any topic involving animal cruelty, child pornography, torture, rape, or incest.

Fantasia Frog Designs creates new and unique covers for each author. Once an image is used, it is taken out of our available files. That way no two covers can be duplicated, sold twice. We work hard to find individualized images, and each Royalty Free licence we purchase, (often/if not always), allows for 1 use per purchase. We are an ethical company, and won’t take advantage of this licence agreement. Thanks for your understanding in this.

To elaborate on May 21, 2015 post, WE DON”T DESIGN LOGOS, NOR DO WE DESIGN WEBSITES.

Custom made covers available upon request, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

All prices vary if more expensive images are to be used.

~ New/Special order E book mid-grade cover – $50
~ New/Special order E book high-grade cover –  $80.00
~NEW!~ Vertical Banners – (used at conventions) ie: 8’x 2.5′- $30.00 or $20.00 if from FFD book cover
~ Additional changes after a design has been “finalized” – $10.00 (approx.)
~ Premade ebook book cover (open to certain modifications-except new images/in depth alterations) – $40.00
~ Custom Print book cover (includes ebook cover as well) (createspace or lightning source template) – starts at $80.00

~ Banners- $15 non-animated – $25.00 for animated 

~ Blog headers –  (New Design)  Depending on size and number of images used

                            –  (Premade) see premade section for individual prices

~ Banner/Header combo – Depends on images used

~  Banner/Header / Button combo -Depends on images used

~ Trading Cards – please contact me and we can work something out. (It depends on detail/quantity of images used/etc…)

~ Blogskins for wordpress/blogspot- please contact me and we can work something out (It depends on detail/quantity of images used/etc…)

~ Book Marks – $15 single sided/ $25 double sided

~  Buttons – $10 single image – $15.00 for Grab code Button

~ Postcards – $20 single sided/ $30 double sided

If there is a theme or genre of premade images you would like to see more of, feel free to let me know.

13 thoughts on “Rates and Services

  1. Please contact me. I am not able to locate your inquiry form anywhere on your site. I have several novels I need covers for soon. Two I am in need of right away.

    Thank you,
    Caryn Glatczak

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  3. I am a new author seeking professional cover design for my new book. I found some cover work you have done for other authors and i am very interested in retaining your services. Please contact me.

    Thank you

  4. Hello,
    I am considering epubbing my latest novel and am impressed with the covers on your web site. Please contact me about fees and timeline.

    Thank you,


  5. I have a suspense, thriller, eBook I wrote. It’s called the Phoenix Initiative. The main character is a twenty-something woman with long dark hair and tanned skin, Busty, cuban / white. She would be holding a HK USP Handgun. Aviator sunglasses. Maybe a cityscape in the background. The male character. Late thirties / Early forties; white, English, Black Ops Type. Maybe a Bentley Continental GT in the BG somewhere. Mainly the girl with the gun and the rest is all you. Is it possible?

  6. Hi – I tried to email you about purchasing the Witchy Title premade cover. I’m not sure it went through. Thank you. P.R. Mason

  7. I’ve been looking for a way to contact you privately. Doesn’t seem to be a contact form anywhere on the site or a direct email address so I hope this is okay. I’m interested in purchasing a few of your pre-made covers but need to know if you provide the PSD flat file in the event we need/wish to make any changes ourselves. I like to test out different covers (font styles/images and color schemes or tones) so having the PSD layered file will make it easy for me to do that.

    Let me know and I’ll gladly purchase a few of your existing covers. Thanks!

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