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All premade covers can be modified to suit. ie; if your hero has dark hair, or your heroine has green eyes instead or brown, or you want an animal shifter changed or added in, just ask. Some modifications may cost additional.

I have romance of all genres mostly organized by genre on this page but, because each cover can be adapted or is open to interpretation,  you may have a different idea of where it should go. For more specific genre search, such as paranormal romance, please visit the paranormal page, ditto for historical, & sci-fi…. There are some of each genre that I don’t have under “romance”.

For steamier romance and menage, scroll down the page 🙂 For sale romances… keep scrolling near to the bottom. If there are specific premades you would like to see more of, I’m all ears.

Mid-grade Romance of all Genres

Contemporary-chick lit-romance-Vacation-etc

(approx. $40.00)

CabinKisses-40 VillaVacation-FFD-40 Sweet-Paradice-40 Casino-Heat-ffd-70   kissing-in-the-springtime-ffd-40  smoulderingheat-ffd-40    keepwatchom-ffd-40


Glamor-Woman-city Resort-Romance FFD-travelromance Sweet-on-you SweetcontempRom Sweetcouple3 Home-Sweet-Home SweetkissintheRain Lakeside-couple Hotel-Rendesvous UpintheClouds-ffd-40 romancebytheocean-ffd-40 Beachboy-FFD-40 PamperedfortheNight-FFD-40 Sweetromancecouple-ffd-40 Bartendersdaughter-ffd-40 PartyTitle2-ffd-40 PartyTitle-ffd-40 Loveinprovence-ffd-unsplash Sweethearts--Full Contemporary-Interracial-Mainstream


tscd-title12 tscd-pondering stardustandfirelight-ffd-40 tscd-title11

Above 4 images credit Adina voicu

Country and Western

    tscd-title13 tscd-title14 first-home-ffd-40-adinavoicu

Above 3 images credit Adina voicu

Seasonal (winter themes, I suppose)

        valentinesblizzard-ffd-40 wintergetaway-ffd-40  




  Contemporary-Suspense--ffd-40    indeepwadplayboy-ffd-40 FFD-contemporaryRomance2-city

Image credit - Woman - elanUSA

Image credit – Woman – elanUSA

Paranormal and shifter




Image credit - Still Miracle

Image credit – Still Miracle


above image credit Aliciabc0



Above image credit Adina Voice

Sci fi




$40 illustrated below


$30 illustrated below

premade covers, Premade romance ebook covers premade covers $30.00

Brides- Wedding

$40 brides – wedding below


$30 brides-wedding below


Mid-grade Military/Seal/Suspense ($40)


Versatile – Can be changed for series use

SecretsandDesires-40($30/cover) Longing-and-Luxury-40 ($30/cover)


$30.00 Sweet (and sweet-ish)

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 sleeping-with-his-mistress-ffd-40 GF-EroticN2 


privclubwahunk-ffd-40 buffthreesome-ffd-40 mistletowgetsresults-ffd-40 romancenightout-ffd-40 thevoyeur-ffd-40 sexyspark-ffd-40 masquerade-palace TheKinkyclub-ffd-40 City-Heat-ffd-40 MadameBookcover Sexy-and-serious-40 Keeping-Warm-during-the-Holidays-40 NaughtyChristmas-40 GF-menage1 Sinful Sensual Seduction ER-Sexy-Couple Naughtyhospital Sultry-VAlentine




(approx. $25.00) Farther down are $15.00 covers.



naughtiest-n3-ffd-25 naughtier-n2-ffd-25


(above image credit aliciabc0)

tscd-book-title1  tscd-romance-20 ex-mas-romance-ffd-20 myoneandonly-ffd-25 Winter Getaway-2-40

Wedded-Bliss-25 Hotandsteamy-sale Erotic3RREndesvous-Full


These covers below are $15.00

  meetmehalfway-ffd-15  SunsetsandShadows-ffd-15 tscd-title-3


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