Sale!! Some are $25.00 and now some are $15.00

I’ve been looking at some of the premade designs on FFD and decided to air out the screen.

So, the premade covers on THIS page will be available for $25.00 (minimum modifications/name and title change/open to discusion type thing.) Some are now $15.00. We are striving to put single image covers out at a lower price.

Take note: Some covers are marked Ebook only.

For the Erotica Covers on Sale – visit the Adult – 18+ page 


ex-mas-romance-ffd-20 myoneandonly-ffd-25 homesteaders-countrylife-20-ffd lamplight-romance-20-ffd FFD-RomanceTitle-orangeheat-25 FFD-OMHSR-25 Get-Messy-FFD-25 Hotandsteamy-sale Sale Winter Getaway-2-40

Mystery –

DeathintheRuins-40 Alongwalkdownadarkroad-40 Mysterymen-ffd-25

Seasonal –

Valentine's-Day-1 Romantic-Holidays

Christmascouple2 RREndesvous-Full  




Temporarily out-More coming soon





Photo credit - Jeong Eem Lee

Photo credit – Jeong Eem Lee

Summertime-sale Trouble-when-its-Dark-outside-Sale-ffd

Science Fiction

shipgozip-ffd-25 planetary-wonder Farther-into-the-Void---40


More Western Sale covers to come


These covers (below) are $15.00


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