Sometimes its just easier to see options- to point and click “I want THAT one.”

So, this is a new page displaying various ways to design common graphic items.


Promo/Teasers-aprox. $15/each

add text, links, release dates, and icons





(Just the image of a mug – Not a physical mug)

ls-hog-2-sfr-teaser-c ls-hog-1a-sfr-teaser

wc-lovepassion-and-power-bk1prt1 wc-sexheat-and-hunger-bk2prt1



2D book and eReader with changeable background image

nc-ereader2d-hawkspromise cb-ereader2d-blueassapphires


3D Books

cd-3d-single spine out CD-landscape-#1-book

Single but multiple books in a row


Boxed Sets- $30 if you provide the text-free cover for the front or we are using images from an ebook we designed. For a new 3D box set cover it is $50 + $30=$80. You get a 3D box set, and a 2D with titles of covers listed or book cover images (see 2D covers below).

CherylDouglas - 5box set-#1s


2D multi-book covers

jes-2d-alien-next-door-set-432x648 CD-2D-boxed set-1-4-1800x2700 CD-Smashwords 2D five free #1 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]






Mockups for Promo from audio cover psd



Retractable Banners (the kind that authors take to conventions and signings) (I’ll be adding some of these to the premade headers and banners page soon)

ellerush-hbanner24-upload aklayton-retractablebanner-sm-33-5inx78 delen2-sm MD-96x30-banner-2014

Facebook Headers (timeline)

Print covers- separate scenes for front and back.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00091] Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00013]

Print – scene carries across front and back (this one below is a premade design)


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