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Featured Author: Ashlynn Monroe

Ashlynn Monroe’s Moonlight Series is now available. First up:

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Moonlight’s Peril


Bianca Archer watched her thirteen-year-old daughter leave on a camping trip to reconnect with an absentee father. Bianca’s life stops when his body is found and her daughter is missing. She’s sure the local off-the-grid commune took her child.

Law Foster has a pack to protect. Helping nosy Bianca jeopardizes his duty. Bianca isn’t part of his world and that makes her a very dangerous woman to want. When she witnesses Law’s shift, he has to make a choice—bite her or trust her.

Nik Martin claimed Joy Foster to save her life, but he realized the moment he did it that he was in love with her. Law Foster, Joy’s brother, and Nik’s alpha forbade him from finalizing his claim. Nik never wanted to disobey Law, until now. When Joy rebelled as a teenager and ran off with a wild pack Nik lost his chance to be with her and he regrets it. When she comes home, long buried feelings rise to the surface. The truth about her disappearance complicates pack relations, but this internal battle is nothing compared to the threat the pack faces from the outside. Wild Rose Valley holds its secrets tight. A new danger is threatening the hard-won peace they’ve fought so hard for. Joy’s body is peppered with scars, but it’s the damage on her soul Nik longs to repair—if his she-wolf will give him a chance.

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