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Latest Premades

$40.00 Premades

1nightwToby-ffd40 FindingTwLiam-ffd40 RollPlaywSam-ffd40

Sample of series (covers can be sold individually/I’ll just make changes to the others- inquire about price)

privclubwahunk-ffd-40 keepwatchom-ffd-40 valentinesblizzard-ffd-40

thenextstep-ffd-40 alien-my-love-ffd-40 wintergetaway-ffd-40


$30.00 premades



$25.00 premades




Latest Premade


Latest Premade Designs

As per request, FFD now offers a few more ethnic and interracial covers. We will be adding a few more each month. 🙂 Thanks to Sylvia Hubbard for the suggestion.

Also see; adult premade for new designs

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