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Book Review:

Anthony Beal [on smashwords] on March 18, 2012:
The author has created a very expressive and erotic society driven by elemental sexual energies. The relationships between characters are believable (often even enviable) and touched by humor and romantic affection as well as more primal sexual lust. Something I liked about this story is that for all its attention to detail, the author was skillful about leaving some things to the imagination. Kudos to Grinelda Markowitz for creating a realistic realm that succeeds in simultaneously feeling futuristic and ancient, as well as characters in whose happiness and well-being I found myself quickly invested. I think lovers of erotica and fantasy fiction will enjoy exploring the world created in this book.

Computer generated art images designed by, LeeLooMultipass (dreamstime) and Chrisharvey (photoxpress)

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