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Latest Premades

Starting November 1st, 2016, Fantasia Frog Designs is holding a sale. We will take $10.00 off all premade designs (book covers under $25.00 not included in the sale).  The sale ends November 15th, 2015th at midnight. Headers $25.00 and up are included.

justkeepwalking-ffd-40 vampireslair-ffd-40 firewolf-ffd-40 urbantitle-ffd-40 waitingforhercowboy-ffd-40 ghosttown-ffd-40

(above image credit-ELANusa)

sexyspark-ffd-40 onlyinmoonlight-ffd-40 pulse-ffd-40

onesweetchristmas-ffd-40 swordbearer-ffd-40

stardustandfirelight-ffd-40 first-home-ffd-40-adinavoicu

(above images credit-Adina Voicu)


Christmas Historical – image credit Marcus J. Ranum

Model RubiaCaea

citywalk-ffd-40 romancebytheocean-ffd-40

There are also some new 18+ premade covers on the 18+ page 🙂

And, a sci fi sale cover


Latest Premades

Also, new Sale 18+ covers located on the 18+ page. – closer to the bottom of the page.

If there are specific themes for the 18+ genre, feel free to let me know.


Paranormal-three-2 Nightstalker-ffd-40


Latest Premades

Photo courtesy of Diepriye Awoyesuku Modelling by Aleida Reis

Photo courtesy of Diepriye Awoyesuku
Modelling by Aleida Reis


Credit for Photographer and model - Darren Constance

Credit for Photographer and model – Darren Constance


(Above image is a Sale cover)




Image credit - Marcus J. Ranum Models-Colin and Sarah

Image credit – Marcus J. Ranum
Models-Colin and Sarah




Facebook-cover-Antiques-15 Facebook-cover-erotic-20

Premade book sale and some more Latest Premades

We are thinking it’s time for a spring cleaning 🙂 So, we are holding a sale on premade book covers starting March 20th, 2016, all premade covers and headers are $10 off. That includes the sale covers too, and the covers on our sister site, http://spittyfish.wordpress.com. The sale will run from march 20th (that’s tomorrow) to March 31st, 2016. First come, first serve 🙂


Additional changes to covers (new images, extra images) still cost the usual fee. Text changes are always included (because who wants a cover titled “Book title here“)? Custom cover designs are not included in the sale.







Sale – Erotic


Latest Premades

FFD-Sweet-Western-hunk-40 WildWesternWoman-FFD-40

THeBride-1-40-ffd Another-Bride-2-ffd

Image credit - Carmen Solís

Image credit – Carmen Solís

Latest Premades

More premades 🙂  And, NEW, See individual covers per genre on their allotted pages 🙂


More Westerns, as requested

Western-Romance2-ffd-40 Urban-West-40 Western-Romance-ffd-40



Romance-at-the-Window-70 Historical-Garden-Wander  LVF-Historical-70 ADMAT-70High-Grade- $70.00

And…some others, as well.

Blue-Witch-Walks-432x648 SecretsandDesires-40 The-Right-Touch-ffd-40

Pusherandfaller-70 Thriller (high-grade approx. $70.00)


planetary-wonderPhoto credit - Jeong Eem Lee Photo credit – Jeong Eem Lee

(above 3 are sale –  $25.00)

NaughtyWeddingstories1DeathintheRuins-40 dragonsword11

NEW Cozy Mysteries

Murder-in-the-Garden--40 Detective-Road-40

And some Seasonal

Holiday-Romance-HG-FFD  $70.00 (High-Grade)

sexyseasonsgreetings-FFDMid-grade (approx. $40.00)

Latest Premades

Greek-Holiday-Romance Resort-Romance Sweet-Romance-432x648 Modern-Romance

HighlandRomance1 HighlanderRomance2


New images in 18+ as well.

And new from Spittyfish (Our affiliate company for YA and Mainstream)

ModernDame-1 ModernDame-2 CityCouple

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