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Latest Premades and a poll

I thought it was time I did another check in. Unfortunately, I only have fifteen spots for answers, so I went broad on questions. (like steampunk as an option, my fav, but I plan on doing more of those anyway.) For some reason it doesn’t show the results on the poll here on the blog, just on the poll website.

Poll: What would you like to see more of?

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And now, the latest pemades


 ($40) ($40)

image credit – Scott Liddell-building


Sale covers below


Latest Premades

New – package bundle– prices vary according to image details (approx. $70-$150.00)

Ebook – (prices range from $15.00-$70)

Print ($30.00)

Audio ($10-$20)

Timeline header ($10-$20)

Teaser ($5.00-$10.00)

included free with the package – eBook/eReader image with your book cover (background image can be changed) (see directly below)


******************************************************************************** ($40) ($40)

($30)  ($40)

 ($30) ($30)

($40)  ($40)


($40)  ($40) ($40)  ($40)  ($40)  ($40)

 ($30)  ($30)




Latest Premades

Starting November 1st, 2016, Fantasia Frog Designs is holding a sale. We will take $10.00 off all premade designs (book covers under $25.00 not included in the sale).  The sale ends November 15th, 2015th at midnight. Headers $25.00 and up are included.

justkeepwalking-ffd-40 vampireslair-ffd-40 firewolf-ffd-40 urbantitle-ffd-40 waitingforhercowboy-ffd-40 ghosttown-ffd-40

(above image credit-ELANusa)

sexyspark-ffd-40 onlyinmoonlight-ffd-40 pulse-ffd-40

onesweetchristmas-ffd-40 swordbearer-ffd-40

stardustandfirelight-ffd-40 first-home-ffd-40-adinavoicu

(above images credit-Adina Voicu)


Christmas Historical – image credit Marcus J. Ranum

Model RubiaCaea

citywalk-ffd-40 romancebytheocean-ffd-40

There are also some new 18+ premade covers on the 18+ page 🙂

And, a sci fi sale cover


Latest Premades

photographer - Marcus J. Ranum credit required

photographer – Marcus J. Ranum
credit required


masquerade-palace ffd-mmerotic-25 alongtheshore-ffd-40

urban-trouble-ffd-40 scifiromance10-ffd-40


This header is watermarked (which will be removed at purchase)


Also, due to a bad personal client experience, there are some changes to our billing process.

The changes can be read in our Sales Agreement page under copyright and payment, and on the FAQ page. This is a reminder that we charge a 3% interest fee each month a payment is late starting from the date the invoice is sent. This doesn’t affect most clients, though I feel it is best to have in place for those who intend to get work/designs for nothing. After three months, a DMC takedown notice will be issued.

Latest Premades



Image credit - Jessica Dru

Image credit – Jessica Dru


Latest Premades

Photo credit - Marcus J. Ranum model-Sinned Angel Stock

Photo credit – Marcus J. Ranum model-Sinned Angel Stock



LondonRain-ffd-40 credit – Marcus J. Ranum Model – Rubiacaea




Latest Premades

FFD-Sweet-Western-hunk-40 WildWesternWoman-FFD-40

THeBride-1-40-ffd Another-Bride-2-ffd

Image credit - Carmen Solís

Image credit – Carmen Solís

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