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Photo credit - Marcus J. Ranum model-Sinned Angel Stock

Photo credit – Marcus J. Ranum model-Sinned Angel Stock



LondonRain-ffd-40 credit – Marcus J. Ranum Model – Rubiacaea





Latest Designs: Beachwalk Press

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Latest Designs: D’Elen McClain

Fang Chronicles: Emily’s Story
After a werewolf savagely rapes Carolynn, she hides her tormented secret below the basement stairs for nineteen years.

Emily’s entire universe was the caged room in the cellar. She knew little kindness and received only enough food to stay alive. She understood nothing of the world above stairs. She would have died in the room of her childhood, but her world changed the day she could take no more. Her life began the day she killed her mother.

Brandt the alpha of the Northern Pack has loved the same woman for hundreds of years. Each day his heart breaks slowly because she does not return his love. Having no will to live, he invites death through challenges for alpha.

Brandt’s life changes when he hunts a feral werewolf for killing a human. Delivering death to the beautiful white she-wolf is his job but one bite of her sweet blood alters his heart and now he must tame the woman who has never known love.

Suzie Ivy

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Latest Designs: Beachwalk Press

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Latest Designs: Beachwalk Press



Latest Designs: Kate Richards


Latest Design: Lord of Shadows

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