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Latest Premades and a poll

I thought it was time I did another check in. Unfortunately, I only have fifteen spots for answers, so I went broad on questions. (like steampunk as an option, my fav, but I plan on doing more of those anyway.) For some reason it doesn’t show the results on the poll here on the blog, just on the poll website.

Poll: What would you like to see more of?

poll image

* Click on the answer on the image to vote

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And now, the latest pemades


 ($40) ($40)

image credit – Scott Liddell-building


Sale covers below


Latest Premades

New – package bundle– prices vary according to image details (approx. $70-$150.00)

Ebook – (prices range from $15.00-$70)

Print ($30.00)

Audio ($10-$20)

Timeline header ($10-$20)

Teaser ($5.00-$10.00)

included free with the package – eBook/eReader image with your book cover (background image can be changed) (see directly below)


******************************************************************************** ($40) ($40)

($30)  ($40)

 ($30) ($30)

($40)  ($40)


($40)  ($40) ($40)  ($40)  ($40)  ($40)

 ($30)  ($30)




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