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Latest Premades and Amazon ideas

First, I’ve been thinking about Amazon’s restrictions lately, and I’ve decided to make a few cheaper, simple designs that elude to things of sexual nature, without exposing naughty bits, or models in cuffs, etc…

Here are a few, followed by some regular premade book covers. I’ll be adding to this page over the week.

Amazon idea covers

SecretsbehindtheDoor-ffd-15 Something-Romanic-ffd-25

$15.00                                          $15.00

SunsetsandShadows-ffd-15 Feathers-ffd-15

$15.00                                          $15.00 (most of the feathers are on separate layers in this one)




Regular premade book covers

HunkyProfessionals-Fire-ffd-40 WinterBear-ffd-40

Image credit - Darknight Stock Model - Bojan Toporis

Image credit – Darknight Stock
Model – Bojan Toporis





Latest Premades

Historical-Lord-Harl Historical-Fiction Full-steam-Ahead   GF-menage1  Paranormal-couple-Harl

Latest Premades: More in 18+


image credit-© Kornilovdream | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images



image credit – © Vojtechvlk | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


There are more new premade covers in premades 18+ for those searching for erotic/erotic romance overs.

Latest Premades

s-and-s-contemporary s-and-s-western DragonSword1 Western-Romance-B

Latest Premades-plus two new images in 18+ and two new in 18+ sales section



Latest Premades




And, new from Spittyfish Designs ….


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