FAQ and Tips for Authors

Frequently Asked Questions about Fantasia frog and graphic design

Q – Is the cover I am purchasing for Print?

A – Not unless you specify that is what you need. We offer High Resolution covers and can create a print cover for you using specific measurements through sites such as KDP, Lightning Source, Got Print, Vistaprint, Lulu, & Ingram Spark. Print covers start at $80.00 which includes the ebook. To do up a print cover from an ebook that you are providing, we charge $30.00 plus the the cost of any additional images we might need to purchase, though we rarely need to buy more.


Q- Who owns the copyright?:

A – Because it is an artist’s work, the copyright remains with the cover artist. That said, you are allowed to use the cover to promote your book. Some limitations do apply though, such as the amount of print items you can create with the product, and that depends on the image license from the photostock site. Visit here: http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/~troys2/tutorials/copyright.html  for more information on the subject

A good read on the subject is eloquently put here: Who owns the Copyright


Q-  What are the limitations that come with my book cover?:

A – Photostock comes with certain print limitations. Each photo stock site has its own set limit. If your cover/business cards/trading cards/postcards/bookmarks, etc…  are going to print, please request the number of maximum print copies you are allowed and do not exceed that limit. We do not use images from google. If a photographer requests they are credited, that should go somewhere visible, like on the back cover of a print or the copyright/credits page. If an author is providing their own image (as long as it has commercial use, Public Domain, or CC0 license) , the purchased license, or responsibility for that image, remains with the author (including if the image provided turns out not to be legit or illegally obtained (ie: right clicking an image off of google searches). 


Q – What if I’m late paying or I decide I won’t pay?:

A- If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot make the payment, you are required to inform us and make arrangements. If you do not make arrangements, you will most likely be sent a message to remove the cover from circulation after one month.  (see who owns the copyright to your book cover for how this is possible). If you use FFD again afterward, you will be required to pay before receiving your cover. Any payments later than two months after the invoice is sent are subject to an additional accumulative 3% fee added to your bill each month.

Q- Holds/prepayments

A- I will hold a premade or custom design up to two years, providing they have been paid for in full.

Q – What changes am I allowed with each cover?:

A – For the most part, the artist and author will go back and forth many times in an effort to get the cover looking how the author wants it. That said, there are limitations to the cover artist’s ability and availability. Up to four proofs can be provided, but after four, the project will be charged at an hourly rate rather than a flat rate.

Once the cover is finalized, we charge $25.00/each new modification. It is best to use a cover art form, and to fill it out in as much detail as possible.


Q- If I request you to design a mockup to show a group but then don’t se your design, do I still have to pay?

A- Yes – but please message me before requesting and we can figure something out.

Q – Can a cover be used for more than one author’s book?:

A – No. Once a cover, premade or custom designed, has been sold, we take it out of our inventory. Most Photostock image licenses do not allow for multiple uses, but we also feel it is better to have an original cover for each book.

Q – What do you do with mock up covers that an author doesn’t choose as the final custom design?:

A – Most often we do up one or two versions of a cover using pieces of the design mockups. A fair amount of work can go in to each version, so those more than likely will be altered to some degree and placed in the premades section.  That said, most of our premade covers stem from inspiration  – having seen two or more images that work well together.


Q- Does Fantasia Frog Designs load the print files to a printing press?:

A – No.


Q~ Does Fantasia Frog Designs design logos or websites?:

A~ No, but… you can find someone who does off our list of references 🙂


Q – What are the various sizes are good for?:

A –

200×300, 300 x 450,  &  432×648 = amazon/goodreads/blog posts

750×1125 = Barnes and Noble

1800×2700   &   up = Mostly publisher use for ebook and print.

1600×2400 high res – Smashwords

2500 and 3000 high res  + Amazon


Does Fantasia frog Designs Do logos or websites?

A- no.

Why not?

A- The main reason is because a logo is a quick image that represents  you or your product. It’s important and worth paying someone very skilled to create something original. I cannot simply purchase a photo stock image and use it as your logo, nor do I have the skills (at least not yet) to create something that is an original vector image. If I was to create something for you, it would be hand drawn and cost a heck of a lot more than I’m comfortable demanding. There is a lot of info on photo stock restrictions, copy right and logos if you want to peruse the copyrights page. The other reason… logos slow me down and make me grouchy.



Looking for a website or Logo design?


~ contact Tim Latham at american@oldtownusa.com ~ reference with thanks to Sue Rosen

Free website templates https://www.phpjabbers.com/free-website-templates.php



Just a quick reference list of things we’ve learned along the way. Please feel free to add to this list (Email us or leave a comment and we’ll credit you by placing your name next to it).

Interesting reading and resources for Authors:

LOUISE M    Social Media advice blog -social-media-graphics-resources sizes

PIERS ANTHONY’s internet publishing site

JM MADDEN’s blog

How Authors Can Cross-Promote each other’s books – https://insights.bookbub.com/authors-cross-promote-books/




Blog Resources:


Figuring out the physical side of things:

For those concidering a tangible book, I have stumbled across a site that details the important measurements of books (word count to pages calculator). That can be found here: http://www.writersservices.com/wps/p_word_count.htm 

And this one http://wordstopages.com

And this one how to figure out page count for KDP print book

Kindle Formatting (tip thanks to Teresa Wilde/IndieRomanceInk) – http://kindleformatting.com/book/files/KindleHTMLtags.pdf

Canadian/British/US spelling of words – http://www3.telus.net/linguisticsissues/BritishCanadianAmerican.htm

Blog graphics – http://www.webweaver.nu/

Tricks to get more promo coverage –

~Ask us to do a Featured Author blog post on your cover (No charge to authors who have purchased a custom or premade design through us.)

~Enter your cover in a cover art contest. It is good publicity. Some contests are listed here below:




~Enter your book cover at Authorshout

I stumbled across a potential author promo site I’d like to share: http://authorshout.com/cover-wars/

Authors can submit their book cover (there is approximately a 2 month waiting list). 15 covers are hosted each week. Each cover appears to have a clickable link to their book/purchase page. People vote for the cover they like the best and the cover that wins the most votes gets promoted for one week on their site, on “shout outs”, and their newsletter.

~Enter your book cover at the You Gotta Read Covers site: http://yougottareadcovers.blogspot.com/


– Tag your book. On the page listing your book, there will be a small section for tags. Just type in words that describe your book. Add your author name, the genre (in a variety of ways), the title, etc…

– Find author buddies who will click your tags for you in exchange for clicked tags. (What are clicked tags?) click on each tag description and open that page. Boosts popularity.

Tags Anywhere, basically. If you want, send us a list of words that you think best describe your book, and we will add them into our post with your cover. It gets hits.

Author Promotion Resources:

Coffee Time Romance


Editing services, book reviews, book store, contests, author chat, forum, and a fantastic host, too!

New Author Information with freebies

Coffee Thoughts Book blog 


Contact Page:




Night Owl Editing Services

About: http://nightowlinil.wordpress.com/about/



Check if your pen name or url is available here: https://www.namecheckr.com/


The Killion Group



Editing/Book Formatting

Need help polishing your manuscript or help with self publishing? Here’s some great resources.


Jodi Henley

Developmental Editor, Rates, and Services ~emotional structure, the transformational character arc, and developmental edits



Night Owl Editing Services

Website Design and Resources:

 Orlando Web Design  – Description: Web Design and WordPress Support.

My Stock Images on Can Stock Photo

Stock Photos

Go Graph Royalty Free stock photos -thanks to Joe Kelnhofer


6 thoughts on “FAQ and Tips for Authors

  1. Hello. My name is Mary George and although I will be contacting you to have some advertising made up I have a different request. My daughter is graduating this year from high school and we would like the pictures she hands out to her friends to be a little different than the norm. Can you make her into a story heroin if I have her dressed in costumes? She loves victorian and anything girly. Maybe give her four trading card shots, turn her into a character. If this is possible please email me with an idea of cost.

    She’s always been taller than everyone and very sweet and some of the girls in her school tease her for being so tall. (dad’s 6’4″) I want her to be proud of her differences.

    I tried to email but it kept coming backas failed.

    Thanks, Mary.

    1. Hi Judy, yes, a fellow author once told me that. Tagging helps find the book by tagged subjects, and if people click on the tag or agree with the word it bumps the book higher up in searches (I believe) I should double check that info though.

  2. Great post at FAQ & Tips for Authors Fantasia Frog Designs. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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