Sales Agreement

Fantasia Frog Design Artwork Policy
Fantasia Frog Designs owns the copyright to the artwork. That said, you are free to promote your cover/artwork freely, while remaining within the maximum print license limits. All photostock images have a copyright, and a maximum print run. That includes bookmarks, print book covers, postcards, labels, rack cards, business cards, etc… any printed material using the images designed by Fantasia Frog Designs. If you do not know the maximum amount you are allowed to print, just ask us, and we can give you the details. If you know ahead of time that you will need a very high print run, please, let us know at the photostock searching/purchasing time and we can choose a license that fits your needs. High print run licenses my alter the cost of the design (most often, this is not the case as most photostock licenses are very generous.)
Time spent on project and alterations
Creating artwork takes time and care. We try not to push “rush” projects ahead of others, and if we have a heavy work load, we will give you our best estimate as to how long it will take to get your finished design to you. We now charge $10.00 to rush an order through, and will send an email after one month to clients who have been inactive, or let the project drop without notice, informing them their project is about to expire. The materials and designs may then be used by the designer for future projects.  In the case of premade designs, we will now only hold a cover for one month.
Sample Cover Art Sales Agreement

A sales agreement is intended to protect both the cover artist and the customer.

Artist Name_______________________________

Customer Name___________________________

Address _________________________________


Type of work contracted______________________

Total Amount Due___________________________

Date and when payement is due _________________

Royalty Credits

(only royalty free images please)
Terms of Cover Art use_______________________

Signature of Artist____________________________

Signature of Customer_________________________

8 thoughts on “Sales Agreement

  1. I would like to discuss purchasing one of your coverart designs. I am interested in the erotic one with african american woman with the wet t-shirt. I need a cover for a menage. Can you please contact me? Thanks. I love your covers, headers, and banners.

  2. I wish to discuss a cover for my novel. Pleasee email me so we can get started. I loved what you did with my last novel – Murder on Spyglass Lane. Superb work. Thanks.

  3. I am going to be issuing my backlist as e-books and will need new covers for all of them. I write traditional Regencies and I was very impressed with the covers you did for Alicia Rasley and Lynn Kerstan. Can you email me?

  4. I would like to buy one of your premade book covers titled “Festive Romance” and wish to ask (a) does the price of $40 include my- author name and my book title on the cover (b) is it Royalty free? (c) Does the use of it when I buy it allow for commercial use ie. a Printed book cover without a limit on the numbers of Ebook and printed books sold with it on their cover – quantity unknown now ( D) is the cover size suitable for Amazon and other Ebooks specifications? I hope so, thanks in advance for your information

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