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In the poll so far it loos like interracial, sweet romance and illustrations are the covers people are most interested in seeing more of. Here is a start. Still a bit of a mix, but I’ve got more illustration covers coming soon, and hopefully more interracial :) I see paranormal covers have also scored pretty high in the ratings, so maybe I’ll send out a second poll to zero in on more specific paranormal questions. :)

Thanks for those who have taken the time to vote. It really helps give me an idea of what to focus on.

Sensual-Romance-40 Winter Getaway-2-40 UrbanAngel-40Romance-ERA-70 CabinKisses-40 Holiday-Romance-40 Sweetsnowy-dreams-40 Forest-Walker-40 cottage-dreams-cottage-screams-40 GayRomance-70  America-over-sea-40 AmericanSoldiers-Jungles-40

New Poll

I’m getting ready for the new year and I want to start it off with more premades that might be useful to authors.

If the genre crosses over two or more, feel free to leave a note in the comments. ie: gay western, Vampire lesbian sci fi…

So, here is a new poll :)

Poll: What would you like to see more of


Als create a poll? Click here


Fantasia Frog Designs is having a sale from Nov 1st, 2015 to Nov 14th, 2015.

It’s $5.00 off all premade ebooks. This does not apply to custom designs, print, or any other graphic design, just premade ebooks.

We added new premades this past month just for this event and we will be adding more after the sale is over. Please keep in mind photo stock licenses allow for each premade cover to be sold only once.


All premade images  are modestly editable and available. Fantasia Frog Designs creates new and unique covers for each author. Once an image is used, it is taken out of our available files. That way no two covers can be duplicated, or  sold twice. We work hard to find individualized images, and each Royalty Free licence we purchase, (often/if not always), allows for 1 use per purchase. If a cover is to be used for like a template, we need to purchase that image license for each cover.  We are an ethical company, and won’t take advantage of this licence agreement. Thanks for your understanding in this.

For more premades that are mainstream/Young Adult/Drama visit our affliated site:


Latest Premades

Contemporary (series sample – approx. $40.00 each)

A-Fieldfull-of-Sunshine-40 A-Pocketfull-of-poppies-40 walkamongtheFlowers-40 A-Venture-worth-taking-40

(mystery/thriller/Mainstream – Approx. $40.00)


Just-visitingforawhile-40 PoisoninthePie-40 Stonehengemoon-40

Sexymysterymansion-40 Within-the-Dark-Halls-40

Seasonal (approx. $40.00)


High-grade steampunk (approx. $70.00)


Sci Fi (approx. $40.00)


Historical (approx. $40.00)


High-grade paranormal (approx. $70.00)


Sale paranormal (approx. $25.00)


Latest Premades

More premades :)  And, NEW, See individual covers per genre on their allotted pages :)


More Westerns, as requested

Western-Romance2-ffd-40 Urban-West-40 Country-Sights-mid Western-Romance-ffd-40  Mid-grade (approx. $40.00)

Country-Romance-70 High-grade (approx. $70.00) More sci fi, as requested TFATT-ffd-70  High-Grade approx. $70.00) Some historical Romance-at-the-Window-70 Historical-Garden-Wander Mid-Grade $40.00 LVF-Historical-70 ADMAT-70High-Grade- $70.00

And…some others, as well.

Blue-Witch-Walks-432x648 SecretsandDesires-40 LatenightProwl-ffd-40 The-Right-Touch-ffd-40 Para-rom-

Pusherandfaller-70 Thriller (high-grade approx. $70.00)


planetary-wonderPhoto credit - Jeong Eem Lee Photo credit – Jeong Eem Lee

(above 3 are sale –  $25.00)

NaughtyWeddingstories1DeathintheRuins-40 dragonsword11

NEW Cozy Mysteries

Quaintmystery-series-potential-1 Murder-in-the-Garden--40 Detective-Road-40

And some Seasonal

Holiday-Romance-HG-FFD  $70.00 (High-Grade)

sexyseasonsgreetings-FFDMid-grade (approx. $40.00)


Yu might have noticed, but I thought I’d post a message here, that I’m revamping the layout of my site. The categories are going to be per genre (as best and clearly as I can make them).

So, mid-grade at the top, then high-grade, then sale items at the bottom per genre.


Each genre might have sub genres. Hopefully this doesn’t confuse things. I’m also redoing a few covers that were lost in my external hard drive crash, so if there was one you wanted that is suddenly gone, it might be back, it might have sold, just ask, and I’ll look into it.

Featured Author: Corinne Spörri

This book is currently available in German, but there is plans to translate it to English at some point in the future.


Die Greifen Saga, band 2    (The Griffin Saga, book 2 )

“Die sechzehnjährige Mica ist es gewohnt, für das zu kämpfen, was sie zum Überleben auf der Straße braucht. Sie steht am Rande der Gesellschaft von Chakas. Ihr Leben ist geprägt von Armut, Hunger und Angst. Doch nicht zuletzt dank ihrer magischen Kräfte, die nach und nach in ihr erwachen, kann sie es meistern.
Alles, was ihr etwas bedeutet, ist ihr jüngerer Bruder Faím. Das Schicksal stellt sie jedoch auf eine harte Probe, als Faím von ihr getrennt wird, während sie selbst dem geheimnisvollen Dieb Cassiel in die Hände fällt, der sie in seine Gilde mitnimmt.
Ist es der Beginn eines besseren Lebens? Wird es Mica gelingen, sich in den Kreisen der Diebe eine Stellung zu erkämpfen? Und wie soll sie ihren Bruder wiederfinden, der gerade selbst das Abenteuer seines Lebens erfährt?”

Find it on Amazon

English Translation;

“The sixteen year old Mica is used to fighting for what she needs to survive on the street. She stands on the edge of the society of Chakas. Her life is marked by poverty, hunger and fear. But thanks to the magical powers which awaken gradually in her, she can master it.

The one that means the world to her, is her younger brother Faím. But fate puts Mica to hard test, when Faím gets separated from her, while she herself falls in the hands of the mysterious thief Cassiel, who takes her in his guild.

Is it the beginning of a better life? Will Mica succeed to fight for a position in the ranks of the thieves? And how should she find her brother, who is experiencing himself the adventure of his life?”


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