The Big changes with Fantasia Frog

I’m still getting lots of visitors to this site and to my facebook group page.  Since January of 2020 I have changed my business where I am not really loading premade material under the FFD name (except for the steamy stuff or covers where I have received permission from photographers to use their material.) Most of my work is now uploaded to

I have been much more busy with custom designs this year and have started to feature authors on my facebook group portfolio instead of premades. If you are an author I designed a cover for, and you’d like your book with a link in my custom album, just let me know and send a link so I can attach it below your cover.

Why I’m loading my premades on Self Pub Book Covers now is because the audience is much broader, and I really admire this company for their scrutiny to detail and artist promotion.

So, if you’ve discovered there isn’t much material to view here, check out the link above. There’s lots of artists, and I myself try to post 5 – 10 new ones a week.

Featured author Imogene Nix

What do you get in the middle of a zombie apocalypse when you mix Canberra, a Priest and Kindergarten teacher? Sparks. Lots of red-hot sparks of passion. Dove may be a priest, but he’s also a man and he’s been alone for a long time. Rescuing Leonie by the side of the road is just the first step on a journey no one expected to love. Leonie is running. Her family is gone, the zombies are chasing her, and she’s rescued by a priest on a motorbike and taken to a community which welcomes her. Life should only get better, but the forces who began the apocalypse are building an army of mutated, super-strong zombies. They plan to overtake everything those in the communities have built. Times are only going to get tougher until they can defeat those with no interest in survival. Buy Link:
XMA Header Image
Available now at your favourite digital store!

Featured Author Lauren Baker

Whatever possessed her to say yes?

Emmy Flanagan never thought she’d be forced into a Faustian pact to stop her beloved bookstore being turned into a luxury residence. But when her landlord, multi-millionaire Eric Oswell, offers to postpone the eviction if she’s willing to go on a few dates with him, it’s either accept or see four years of hard work and dedication go up in smoke.

The bad news is, he’s charming, well-read and irritatingly self-assured, and they spark off each other like two characters in a Lubitsch romcom. Which makes it very hard for her to resist the powerful physical attraction between them – even though she knows it’s a terrible idea. He woos her with classical concerts, nights at the opera, art exhibitions and a magical mystery Thanksgiving trip – but his deep-rooted trust issues and traumatic family secrets threaten to destroy their relationship before it’s had a chance to prove itself.

Set in contemporary New York City, Between the Pages charts a fast-moving romance with explosive chemistry between two very different but equally driven people. It’s Lauren Baker’s second novel after Finding Home, co-written with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bonnie Dee.

It’s available on Amazon (for free on Kindle Unlimited) here:

goodreads: https://www.goodreads/com/book/show/54464017-between-the-pages?

twitter: @LaurenB_Books

FB: Lauren Baker (

Instagram: laurenbakerbooks

Latest Premades

Some of you may have noticed a drastic decrease in premade stock. I’m changing how I’m doing my business. I’m only uploading romance premades for a while, and to this site first rather than the facebook group. All my other genres are being uploaded to an off site premade store. If you want more premades, you can also visit


$150 for all three (above), or, $60 if you purchase one and I’ll redesign the other two into new different premades.




Geree McDermott just informed me the two book covers we designed together won gold and silver! She played a huge part in creating these and she did the legwork entering the covers on authorsdb.

These are the bookcovers.

Colorific Abstracts is a book of her illustrations, including the winning front cover.


The Swirling Red Mist  

Geree hired a local model for this cover and selected from some of the takes to get the look she wanted for The Swirling Red Mist.

Samples of types of Promo

Did you know we do promo materials? Just use your upcoming or your already published book, and we can add the details with your cover in place of this sample one. For more promotional items, visit our samples page, and there’s oodles more we don’t have up yet. The newest premades are half way down the page 🙂


(Just the image of a mug – Not a physical mug)



Changes and a sale

We are going to start watermarking premade covers rather than use the tiny size because I just hate seeing how fuzzy they look on the facebook site. Watermarks aren’t part of the finished book cover. They are removed after purchase.

And… we are raising our prices. It will be gradual, but after 12 years at the same price, it’s time. I’ve made a point of keeping my prices low for many reasons, one being that I sometimes benefit from the generosity of other artists, like photographers and their CC0 licenses, and also because I know what its like to try and make a living within a creative career, but that includes me as a creative as well. I get bartered down often, and sometimes that takes a toll on one’s sense of self worth, so I also need to say no more often. You may have noticed the price tag on some of the premade designs are now marked higher than the usual $40 mid-grade price. There still are some at $40 and still some under $40, it all depends on images used and time spent creating the cover.

And, to soften the price increase, Starting November 19th and ending November 25th, 2018, Fantasia Frog is holding a sale on all covers over $20.

Most cover are a flat $10 off (except the $20 ones, which are $5 off).


Imogene is entering Miss Elspeth’s Desire in a cover contest

Imogene Nix is entering Miss Elspeth’s Desire in the
AusRomToday online digital magazine in Aussie Romance and they’re running their annual comp for the Cover Of The Year.
If you can spare a moment, would you help her out with a vote?
It’s simple, all they need to do is follow this link: