Looking for an editor?

I just learned a friend of mine has opened a site for editing 🙂

Frogg Spa Editing – Editing for novels, especially romance, comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy, as well as flyers, advertisements, brochures, websites, blogs, etc.

check out the FAQ

You can get in contact with frogg Spa Edits in multiple ways!

Featured Author Aramis Jordan

Today I am pleased to feature M/M ROMANCE Aramis Jordan’s debut novel, Escaping the merman.

A handsome sailor who thinks he’s straight. A beautiful merman driven by desire.

Fernando knows he’s in trouble when his ship runs into a merman colony. Infamous for luring in ships with their ethereal song, mermen are feared. Fernando tries to escape, but when he lays eyes on gorgeous merman Arian, he wonders: does he even want to get away?

Arian loves men and cannot believe his luck when a ship sails into his archipelago. When his gaze falls on Fernando, Arian wants him and no one else. But mermen are dark creatures, and it’s not a question if things will go wrong—it’s when.

Escaping the Merman is a 70,000 word gay-for-you romance with a dark side. It features an intense love story and plenty of steam. This MM paranormal romance can be read as a standalone (HEA guaranteed) and is part of the Cursed Mermen series.

Buy Escaping the Merman to dip into this fantasy romance today!


Latest Endeavours

I have created an additional website for my ffd premades, though I’ll be leaving this one up for a while until traffic finds my other one.

That said, I have started creating 3d renders on subjects that I tend not to be able to find images for, and I’ve uploaded a large number so far to depositphotos and some to canstockphotos. The link to my portfolios are here

depositphotos https://depositphotos.com/portfolio-1043980.html

canstockphotos https://www.canstockphoto.com/cvrgrl/

Like my premades, if there is a subject you’d like to see created, just let me know and I’ll do my best.

here’s a sample of one of my favourites.https://depositphotos.com/459795158/stock-photo-urban-fantasy-african-american-woman.html

Also, If you are searching for FFD Premades, you will find a few more listed here: