Sale for 2022

I’m still working on getting premade covers up, but, I think to close out the year, I’m going to hold a big sale on premades. Starting tomorrow (December 13th, 2022) I holding a half off sale on all my premade book covers that are on my fantasia frog wordpress site and my facebook group. I can’t host a sale on the other two sites (Bellamedia and selfpub) but until December 30th, 2022, they are half price. Feel free to share, and I’ll see what I can do to get more posted.

Regular $50 but until December 30th, 2022, premades like these are more are just $25. – Happy Holidays!!


BeyondPrestige-ffd50BeyondPret-ffd50BeyondPassion-ffd50BeyondPamp-ffd50KR-candycanes-cover-soldMM-MpregwtRTattoo-ffd50DM-VChess-cover-soldUrbanVers-aa-ffd50Bad2tB-ffd50FantasyNightW-ffd50. OceanDream-ffd50ACountryG-ffd50SH-REdR-cover-sold